“But we’re booked in!” The man was starting to get agitated.

“Please calm yourself, sir.” The receptionist reasoned. “We have no reservations for the name Jones.”

“My wife made the bookings herself. Here she comes now.”

A small lady walked into the lobby, pushing, pulling and carrying four heavy suitcases. She arrived at the desk.

“I’m sorry, Mrs Jones, you aren’t in the system.” The receptionist confirmed.

“Try the name Smith” she said, grinning devilishly.


Another entry for Red’s Flash in the Pan. This time, the word limit is 75, and, according to my word count thingy, I’ve maxed out, and used the full 75 word limit. The theme, as it says on the tin, is Reservations.

18 comments on “Reservations”

  1. I want to ring that bell, but I shall desist… 🙂 Now she sounds like a fun lady, Sir Aquatom, … BUT I ask you… (and I am 😉 ) why was she doing all the lifting, carrying ‘n’ suchlike?… I’d leave it to Parker… (erm..not that I’ve ever booked a room for us both… I mean he’d have to bunk with t’staff) and I’d probably use the name Shufflebottom. Just amuses me, no end.. (was going to say ‘cracks’ me up.. but that’d be a tad… erm?) anyway, must dash… xPenx


    1. I think it’s all part of her master plan, Lady P. Though master plan for what exactly isn’t clear… I always want to ring a bell when I see one on a counter. One day, the devil will get the better of me!


      1. go on, be a devil… (have you ever wanted to set off a fire extinguisher?… Well, I did, it was an old busted looking one in a church hall, my excuse is I was easily led, AND it just wouldn’t stop flowing… cleaning up was horrendous.. but I did it.. x)


        1. I’ve never wanted to set a fire extinguisher off, Lady P. Even when I was on a fire safety course, and had to put a large fire out with one, I felt uneasy setting it off. I wouldn’t make a good fireman… and yes, they do leave a little mess afterwards as well.


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