Roses are…

Gwyneth thought whilst trying to find the most beautiful thing that she could in her vast collection of cheap artificial flowers and unusual wotnots.

Red violets…?

Very unusual, she thought, haphazardly, whilst rummaging through the large wooden crate, suddenly realising their colour had actually ran.

Argh, blue…!

She despaired as her hands and the surrounding objects were now stained by the dye that had previously been contained within her former favourite flowers.This is my post, with a slight variation, for Sideview’s weekend theme this week, roses are red, violets are blue. It makes a change for me to be early about something for once, even getting the post done before the weekend! I’m happy, but I don’t think Gwyneth is… she found what should have been the most beautiful thing in the crate, slightly discoloured…

21 thoughts

      1. thank you kind sir, (Sir Aquatom rides again too….. I hope you’ve been on many adventures for me to catch up on…)… Time for me to switch off this laptop,.. ’tis ruling my life … and Match of the day is on…Must watch ManU highlights,… Night night, xPenx.


  1. Very nice. Though I’ve never seen red violets. There may be red violets. There may be blue violets. Most are violet, are they not, with yellow or white centers? Am I remembering my violets correctly? It’s far too early to be thinking about violets. I need a nap.


  2. Very clever of you Tom. 🙂 I have some violets in my kitchen window, but the flowers died back over winter, as I let them purposely dry a little, now they are once again starting to spout and bud… And they happen to be Blue! 😉


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