Arms wrapped tightly around me, the embrace was comforting; welcome. It’s been a while since I’ve been this close to anyone.

I wanted the moment to last just a little longer… actually, forever!

I wrapped my arms around a little tighter as well, I was holding on for all my life.

My heart was beating faster; my breathing getting a little heavier.

We started to sway together, as though we were dancing to some silent melody. Gently swaying back and forth. Nice memories that should have been spoiled by teeth being plunged into my neck, but those pleasing memories remain.

14 thoughts

  1. I remember when I could dance – I loved the close feeling as we moved together, but those times are long gone, just the sweet memories remain…

    God Bless my friend!



  2. first I thought..oo sneaky..he’s going to end with some ghostly gloom…but alas you tricked us well 😉 So..should we take this as an introduction of how vampire you came about?


    1. I seem to be tricking everyone with these short stories… I’ll have to write some straight-forward ones now (if I can!)
      As to my vampire me, Shree, well… I can say a bite was involved… 😉 I may write a tale about this soon… it may or may not be as expected… 😉 😉


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