Self Portrait


I look nothing like I think I do. I think I look exactly as I did years ago, but the mirror tells me otherwise.

The mirror lies.

The mirror points out flaws I never knew I had. Truths I never believed existed. Flaws that would never exist on me.

I’m perfect.

Well, apart from the cosmetically enhanced ears that look level but aren’t, and one that works better than the other.

Apart from the lob-sided face that’s as symmetrical as a cart of apples being dragged at speed along a cobbled road.

Apart from the hair that looks as far from perfect as a sheet ironed with a sponge.

Apart from all of them, I’m perfect. I don’t recognise myself when I look in the mirror. I’m not that old for one. How dare you, mirror. What are you trying to say?

But mirror, what have you done with the real me? The blond me… the shy me… the young me? I was there recently, how did you speed things along?

How can you lean there mirror, showing me this image which isn’t me? Where did you get that belly from? Those bags under the eyes?  Those chins? The <GASP> grey hair?  How dare you highlight my hair in that way – you know it always causes me trouble.

How can you show me like this now, when you never did before?


What do you mean you did? I never noticed… you’d think I’d notice.

So, what are you saying? Pay more attention?

But it’s me… how much attention do I need? I’m perfect?

Aren’t I, mirror?


19 comments on “Self Portrait”

  1. I didn’t notice the change in the images at all until that mirror talk got me to look at it closely. I still don’t see too much of a change, so I’ll have to agree with you, your mirror really needs a talking to!
    BTW, how did you do those cool changes on the images?


    1. To be honest Shree, both of those pictures are the same! The smaller one at the bottom was in the early stages, before the colours were blended together, and I added a few other highlights to the hair, eyes and mouth. But I agree that the mirror needs a good talking to… it doesn’t listen though…


  2. Too bad the mirror can’t show us what we want to see. *Sigh* I guess it is up to the Be Young Forever Doctor to show us that. And, I refuse to go to that doctor.

    If those images are both you, Tom, I don’t see much of a change, either.


    1. They are both me, from a photo taken a few years ago now, Andra. I still expect myself to look like I did back then, and in certain lights, I think I do. For ‘in certain lights’ think of almost darkness! I’m with you on the Be Forever Young Doctor… the cosmetic surgery I had on my ears was out of necessity when I was really young…


  3. Mirrors LIE!!! 🙂

    Mine shows a chubby, aging guy who is rapidly going bald under his ponytail and may soon have to get his hair cut… 😦

    God Bless my friend and love the piccy!!! 🙂



  4. I try not to look in my mirror or it sets me off on a bad day….We are all aging and it seems it is speeding up as is time. We are flying at warp speed these days, are we aging at warp speed as well??? My God, get me a wheel chair…..VK


  5. Age is of no consequence Sir Aquatom
    I have just added a new Andro 2012 on
    my extra pages, sure I have also aged
    but I like everyone to see me on my own
    Space, it is of course a preference that
    we all have to choose, and one day the
    chance of seeing the real ‘You’ will be a
    very nice opportunity for all…

    Perhaps you will add one soon 🙂



    1. Age matters nothing really, Andro, I agree. I’m quite a nervous surfer for some reason, and a little wary about my image being on line – that’s one of the reasons why I closed my Facebook account, and another why I hide behind Aquatom.
      Having said that, I’m a little more confident now than I used to be, hence me publishing the self portrait. It is from an old photo of me (although not as colourful), and artistic license has been used quite freely… but it was a tracing from the photo so the likeness is there. Seeing the likeness so often is making me want to remove it again, as I have aged since then and I’m starting to think it looks nothing like me now…
      Maybe one day I will reveal the real me to the world, but until then I’ll remain behind my mask!…


      1. I know what you mean Sir Aquatom, revealing a true image of oneslf has to follow with a hundred percent feeling of confidence and if that confidence is not there then it is absolutely fine to remain somewhat anonymous.

        I figure that as long as a person’s blog is not one that gives too much in the way of personal information, then a photograph is alright, but there are Spaces that give out far too much information and that is the danger in my opinion.

        Have a very nice rest of evening Sir Aquatom
        and I can now see you, in a sense, through your
        picture orientated graphically generated portrait…



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