Throughout my periodic searching for information to find my link to the year 1642, I have found quite a few random facts which are linked to the year. These facts bring in people from various countries around the world, and, inevitably, some of these people’s lives would have crossed over with each other.

I have found links to the royal families of the world, including the creation of the title “Princess Royal”. I have found links to important inventions that have led to us to be able to live our lives as we know them today, such as the forerunner to the microprocessor with Frenchman Blaise Pascal’s creation of the counting machine. I have also found links to epic tales of the ancient gods, with the discovery of the Cōdex Rēgius (Royal Book) in Iceland, in 1642.

Nothing of what I have found so far has linked me directly to the year 1642 or anywhere near that time period (although coincidentally Blaise Pascal’s father was named Etienne which also happened to be the name that I was given when learning the French language in school), but I will continue searching until I find this missing link. I am connected to the year. I feel it within me. I see signs regularly pointing me to the year. This sounds very strange, but that is all I can say to explain it. I am drawn to the year, and need to find out why.

Today, I’ve found a strange link that involves an ancient curse, a French traveller and a king, a diamond, and another epic tale featuring ancient gods.

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier was born in 1605. He was a French traveller and pioneered trade with India. He was also a diamond merchant. In 1642, Jean-Baptiste came into possession of a large blue diamond. Some stories say he bought the diamond, and others say that he stole it. How he came by the diamond isn’t really important right now, but where the diamond originated from, could be.

SitaStories say that the diamond was taken from the head of a statue of Sita. Sita was the wife of Rama, the seventh Avatar of Vishnu, in the Hindu tradition, and she was one of the main characters in an ancient Sanskrit epic called the Ramayana. Ramayana itself can be translated into Rama’s Journey. Ramayana was written by Valmiki, who is regarded as India’s first poet. I haven’t read any of this epic as yet, but I will add it alongside the Poetic Edda as one of my must reads; just to look for any differences or similarities if nothing else! Sita, by the way, was discovered in a ploughed field and was regarded as the daughter of Bhumi Devi, the Earth Goddess (one of the two wives of Vishnu).

So, Jean-Baptiste came across this large diamond by hook or by crook. In 1668 he returned to France, and sold the diamond, along with many others, to King Louis XIV (or the Sun King as he was known). King Louis XIII was on the thrown in 1642, but died in 1643 when Louis XIV was five years old. Subsequently, Louis XIV had the diamond cut down to increase its brilliance.

Unfortunately, the diamond came with a curse: Bad luck and death not only for the owner of the diamond but for all who touched it. And, according to legend, Jean-Baptiste died at the claws and teeth of wild dogs whilst travelling in Moscow, Russia, in 1689. The diamond has been passed on through French royalty for many years, reaching King Louis XVI, and his wife Marie Antoinette, several years later. And, once again according to legend, these two were beheaded during the French Revolution as a result of the blue diamond’s curse.

Hope DiamondThe blue diamond eventually found its way into the hands of King George IV of England, but upon the king’s death it was sold to pay debts. Around the late 1930s the diamond was owned by Henry Philip Hope, and since then it has been known as the Hope Diamond. It was eventually donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

And there we have it. I’m no further along with my quest than when I first started, but I have found something else that has been passed on throughout the years that has its beginnings in 1642. Figuratively speaking, that is. I do, however, seem to be heading in the opposite direction, and the events I am finding of late are bringing me back to the modern day… but I suppose whenever we are dealing with anything to do with time, eventually we will always end up in the present…

20 thoughts

  1. Interesting Tom! 🙂

    Makes you realise what a bunch of thieves they were in the old days!!! 😦

    The Hope diamond is now in the hands of Americans – I wonder how much the curse holds today… 🙂

    God Bless!



    1. Thanks, Prenin. There seems to have been quite a few ‘dodgy’ characters around back then, doesn’t there? Still, interesting to read about though!
      I’m not sure about the curse though… do they stay around forever?


  2. I must say this is a thrilling and quite facinating new link to 1642 you have found and posted. I am intriqued by the story of the Diamond and the curse too, ironically it is now called the “Hope” Diamond. History is facinating to me. I throughly enjoy this mystery link you have to this year, 1642. What a journey you have had in your quest for answers. Perhaps that is “golden thread” to the full picture of the Tapestry you are weaving…the final answer will be revealed when it is completed.
    Wonderful xx


    1. Thanks, Raven. It is a strange pull I have for the year, I’ll admit, but I’m loving finding all of these strange pieces of information that are out there, but not exactly well known! I’m looking forward to the quest being completed, but I’m more looking forward to see what other ‘new’ facts will come to me along the way. I’m finding now that I want to explore more the facts that I have already found, but I’ll hold off on that for a little while. History is fascinating when you start to look into it, I’ll certainly agree with you there! 😀


  3. Hi Tom,
    I just heard that song for the first time a few days ago too, I like it but I like to change songs often so i’m always on the lookout for new stuff.
    It looks like i’ve missed some great looking posts here and I will be back to spend some time and properly read them a bit later.
    Big hugs to you, Nikki


    1. Hi Nikki, no problem, read at your leisure! 🙂
      Fever Ray, Keep The Streets Empty For Me, has a very unique and haunting sound, and I love the drumbeat! I’ve downloaded it to be played later! 😀


  4. Hi Tom,
    I just read your comment, thanks for popping back over and letting me know that. It’s funny because at first I thought exactly that, that it reminded you of a negative image as in photo film, and then I went with my second guess of you not liking night time lol, oh when will I learn to go with first intincts, they’re usually the right ones.
    It’s always such a pleasure to see you come and comment, and your comment was indeed a very lovely one and I thank your the wonderful compliment. Often thats what I have in mind when I create a graphic, the whole feeling of it, telling a bit of a story without words but from the feelings the image invokes. Hope you have a great day Tom.
    Big hugs, Nikki


    1. Thanks, Nikki. It’s always best to clarify things – especially when I type using words that can be interpreted in many ways. I kind of know what I mean most of the time! 😀
      I enjoy looking at the graphics you create, Nikki. I’d love to ‘have a go’ at doing some myself… maybe one day. Until then, I’ll be inspired by yours! 😀
      Hope you’re having / have had a great day too!


    1. Hi Aiz. Sometimes, I have to search for hours for the tiniest of details to find a link. This one (and I’m sorry for this really bad pun) literally came out of the blue! It was there as soon as I started my research!
      Hopefully, I’ll be finding more interesting facts and posting about them very soon!
      Thanks for commenting! 😀


    1. I’m not that well up on the curse itself, Andra, but hopefully seeing it doesn’t carry the curse. If it does, I’ve added a photo of it to the post so it’s a bit late now anyway!
      It is an interesting story though… and I’m sure there’s more to it…


  5. Loved how you digged out those facts Tom.. I might have known that the Blue Diamond ended in the Royal Families hands for a time 🙂 ..
    Good Luck with your Quest Tom.. and loved reading this Window in History… 🙂


  6. You have certainly researched this posting very
    well Sir Aquatom and what an interesting read it
    has been too 🙂 The year 1642 whatever it holds
    for you will eventually be realised but the quest
    for this knowledge could be very long lasting 😦

    Just keep hedging your bets and sometime soon
    you will see some fruition for all of your searches,
    and hopefully your connection with 1642 will be
    clarified 🙂 Have a great rest of evening now 🙂 🙂



    1. I hope so, Andro, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying looking for any information I can find regarding 1642, for there may just be a clue which will be the key that will unlock everything for me… 🙂
      Hope you’ve had a good Wednesday!


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