I have to wonder at times what spammers think they will gain from doing their spamming. I’m starting to think that the spammers aren’t actually people at all, but some kind of infiltrated computerised random blog picker that doesn’t work very well.

I mean to say, I have just found two comments in my spam thingy, both of them were left for my recent post on the superhero gadgets. I will copy and paste the messages in their entirety here, to point out what I mean.

Comment One was left at 1.19pm this afternoon, from a blogger who provides information for the best diet for weight loss:

An unputdownable speech is couturier statement. I think that you should correspond writer on this subject, it strength not be a inhibition matter but mostly group are not enough to verbalize on specified topics. To the succeeding. Cheers like your Top Ten Tips for a wannabe superhero: 2: Gadgets | Me! Me! Me me me!.

Comment Two was left just over an hour later, at 2.32pm. This comment was from a blogger who writes about investment plans:

An engrossing discourse is worth scuttlebutt. I anticipate that you should indite solon on this topic, it might not be a preconception human but generally people are not sufficiency to verbalise on such topics. To the succeeding. Cheers like your Top Ten Tips for a wannabe superhero: 2: Gadgets | Me! Me! Me me me!.

I didn’t click to view the sites, by the way. I used the handy viewer to see what the sites were about.

For one thing, I can’t make out what the comments actually mean. For another, I don’t understand why investment plans and weight loss sites would even consider commenting utter nonsense on a post about superhero gadgets. And for a third thing, isn’t it a little strange that both comments are randomly similar?

These comments are worth scuttlebutt, I tell you! They are totally couturier statement! They are not sufficiency to indite solon, or anything else for that matter! And, as strength is not an inhibition matter, I verbalised/verbalized such comments straight into the trash – after copying them, obviously.

I do check the spam thingummy whenever I’m told I have spam, because, at times, what ‘they’ thought was spam actually wasn’t. But at other times, ‘they’ are absolutely spot on with their definition, and as such I merely forward the garbage into the trash.

But, a quick word to the spammers… get a better computer program! I’ll still delete your comments, but you could at least make them make some kind of sense beforehand.

Now, writing that felt good. I’ve not got any further along, but it felt good.

20 thoughts

  1. Sounds like they ran their text through a very poor translator program – and nobody in their right mind would click on any link THEY offered… 🙂

    God Bless Tom! 🙂



    1. Seventeen seems a bit much, Andra, what a waste of time having to delete them in one go! I had another one after deleting these two, almost identical; if you can describe them as that!
      I just felt like having a little moan with this post…


  2. i never even read i just hit the delete tom hope you have a fantastic xmas whats your plans have you got a santa suit xxjen


    1. I think I may start doing that too, Jen!
      Thanks, Jen, I hope you have a great Christmas too! I’m not really planning on doing very much, just ‘chilling’! And I can’t seem to get a Santa suit in my size…


  3. The spam translator lets me know I really do not want my blog associated with someone who cannot write a cogent sentence in my native tongue. Sheesh. Look at it this way…if you did not have killer keywords, the bots would never find you 😉

    But sometimes the filter gets it so wrong!


    1. Thanks, Red. I suppose it’s a good thing that they are marked as spam though, otherwise there’d be all kinds of comments getting through! I’m just going to delete them all from now on… 😉


  4. Never mind, Tom, there’s still a potential entertainment factor. Every now and then, the spam comments match up in a way that makes me giggle. For example, this week:

    “certainly like what you are stating and the way in which through which you assert it. You’re making it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep it wise.” – on my post, “Brainless”.

    Apparently, even when I’m brainless, I’m still wiser than the spam bots… 🙂


    1. I agree, Diane! Some of the comments are funny when they fit, but the majority of mine don’t! But, I’m deleting the whole lot of them now, without reading them.
      They do try to flatter these spammers, don’t they?


  5. Tom, those spammers are mightily annoying: but the word scuttlebutt stopped me in my tracks…you have to love that word. It’s just gone to the heart of my vocabulary without passing go.


    1. You’re right, Kate… scuttlebutt is a great word! 😀
      I think there should be a contest where we have to get the word discreetly inserted into a post. But then again…
      At least the cloud that is the spammer does have a silver lining or two…


  6. I don’t get a lot, but I do get similar ones to those you posted. They’re either computer generated, picking on certain words, or written by morons, who obviously do not really speak English and use some rubbish translation device lol.


  7. hehehehe..ah spam..you hate them yet they sure can entertain…though trying to make sense to some of them gives me a headache. I notice though that the type of spam that comes to my blog has a trend…right now its all about sex tapes and viagra..plus a few more pharmaceutical products..also certain posts are more popular than the rest..like the brown nosing post, a post with “Hard Rock Hotel” in the title…


    1. I’m getting lots of spam for shoes lately. I mean, fancy spamming about shoes! Your spammers will probably have a field day with that post, Shree. We should have a big red anti spam button to double the deletion pleasure! 😀


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