The Lion Sleeps

Patient and calm
In the shade
Causing no harm
The King of the Jungle is having a rest
Hush now, don’t wake him, it’s for the best!

Sleeping Lion

27 Comments on “The Lion Sleeps

  1. oh lovely, Tom! i know exactly how this guy feels.

    but…something i’ve never understood – i thought lions live in the desert, so how did they become jungle royalty?


    • Do you know, Bex, I have absolutely no idea…! I’ve done a quick spot of research, and they live out in the Savannah, which, if you looked at it in a certain way, you could say it was the jungle. But only if you look in the certain way… I’m not helping with this, am I?

      Erm… thanks for popping by, Bex! 😀


  2. Did you know Lions are more closely related to dogs than cats?

    Thier claws are not retractile!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



  3. ♥ /l、
    (゚、 。 7
     l、 ~ヽ (´¨
     じしf_, )ノ I wont wake him…shush.. :))


  4. Tom, such a treat. I love to watch lions (from a safe distance.) And the musical accompaniment is now playing in the background to inspire my comments on other blogs.


  5. I blew on his nose slightly Sir Aquatom….. and then scarpered.. sharpish like.. he looked so sleepy, yet dangerous … xPenx


  6. An excellent combination of the Lion and your wicked poem Sir Aquatom 🙂 You have slipped another one in after this one too but I didn’t see an update for it, so I need to get my skates on and catch up a bit better than I am at the moment… Have a wicked Thurday now 🙂



    • Thurday is after Wedney…
      It is called Loonski Lingo 🙂

      Of course I was going to say Thursday but
      then that would have been too easy for you 🙂 lol



      • I know that Loonski Lingo perfectly well, Andro – and I’ve taught my keyboard it too! 😀
        And don’t worry about the catching up thingy – I’m soooo far behind (yet again) I’m about to get my skates out from storage as well, and I haven’t skated for almost three decades…. eek. 😉
        Thanks for calling by!


  7. The Lion sleeps to gain strength for his Kingly duties:
    Marking Territories
    Well….you get my drift 😉


    • Well, R, it’s a hard life for some, isn’t it? They do seem to have things a little easy Lions, don’t they? However, having said that, I won’t be the one telling them to do something a little different! 😉


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