Leo, King of the Cats, and Me

The lion is called the King of the Cats. With his regal mane and threatening roar, it is easy to see why he has this name. He also lazes around all day – well, if he must laze anyway -and gives off such a laid back attitude of ‘go away and don’t bother me… I’ll let you know when I want to be bothered’, which seems to be a trait shared by other, more domesticated cats.

Spudley the Cat is the complete opposite. She’ll wait around for hours in all weathers just to catch a glimpse of us through the window, and when she does see us, she’ll mouth her version of the English word ‘Hello’ (Wewwo, in her ‘Catlish’)

Lions are extremely sociable animals, and live in prides, helping each other to catch their pray, or find suitable places where they can all laze around together in the afternoon sun.

Spudley seems to know lots of cats that visit, but I don’t think she’s as sociable with other cats as she is with humans. She’ll crouch and glare and watch intently as another cat walks anywhere around her area. She’ll tolerate Frobisher, a big black cat with a white toe, and Jasper, a friendly ginger and white tom who lives around the corner who is always ready to pounce over for a little stroke if you say ‘hello’ to him. With other cats, Spudley pretends to be unaware that the other cats are there, but you can tell that she is watching their every move.

I had a dream in January this year, where I believe I met one of my animal spirit guides, who was a lion cub. I haven’t met this guide since (well, not that I’m aware of anyway; and I don’t think I’ve met any other spirit guides either since then…) but I’m wondering something now that has me puzzled.

Not that horoscopes, in my book, have any connection with spirit guides as such, the different astrological signs do have connections with each other. Some signs are more compatible with others, and others less so.

Leo, the lion sign of the Zodiac, is a fire sign, and Leos are said to be the least compatible with Pisceans, a water sign. I’m Piscean, and I don’t know whether this is true or not as I’m not one hundred per cent sure of all of the people who I know’s star signs, and if I didn’t get along with someone, I don’t think asking them their star sign will help to bridge any problems in the short term anyway (and going on that way of thinking, most of the people I work with may be Leos, so it’s probably better to leave this train of thought right here…)

So. Leos don’t like Pisceans, but cats love fish. Cats aren’t too keen on water, yet Spudley loves being out in the rain. And Spudley doesn’t give any kind of impression that she isn’t keen on a Piscean human. Spudley is still picking up other words in English. The other week, on a particularly rainy day, she trotted over to me and said her usual ‘Wewwo’ forty or fifty times, and I tickled her behind her ear. She purred profusely, and I asked her, quite nonchalantly, if she was a bit wet. She replied by saying ‘Wit Wet’, very clearly indeed. She’s a very clever cat, that one!

All of that, I’m clear on. I may be right, I may be wrong, but to me it’s clear. What I’m puzzled about is if my spirit guide could be a lion. It was a vivid dream, so I’m in no doubt that I’m on the right path, in the right part of the Savannah if you like. The lion cub approached me, I didn’t approach him, and he was very friendly. Would he have chosen me if he’d known of my Piscean side? Does this really matter to spirit guides? Or did my spirit guide, who I have still yet to meet and get to know, reveal himself (or herself) in the guise of this lion cub just to open my mind to that way of thinking?

I’ll probably find out the answer to these questions in due course. One thing I’m absolutely certain on, is that although the astrological representation of the king of the cats and myself are said to be incompatible, the physical, domesticated version of the animal and myself are extremely compatible indeed.

Starting with something like that, something as small as Spudley, is bound to go some way to help me with the compatibility issues with any Leos that are out there…

25 Comments on “Leo, King of the Cats, and Me

  1. Ooo Tom..I didn’t realize you believed in Spirit Guides and such! That’s great!
    I honestly don’t think the compatibility of astrological signs reach the realm of our Spirit guides though. Not too sure about cats liking fish..since you know, the fish end up in their tummies! I wouldn’t like to be liked in that way..hehe.
    I’m sure there is a significance of the lion cub that you dreamt about. I *do* know a wolf in your dreams means that he or she’s there to start you on your spiritual journey.
    Love the post 🙂


    • Hi Shree, oh yes, I am quite spiritual but it isn’t very often that I talk or write about my spirituality or beliefs, I tend to go for more universal things, but everything is connected in one way or another. I am conscious of writing something that may be seen as telling others what to think and do, and that isn’t what my blog’s about, although if I write about something that may spark a little interest , well, I won’t complain about it!
      That was the reason I mentioned the cats liking the fish, I was just playing with the liking bit! 😀
      To me the realms of the spirit guides aren’t bothered about compatibility between us lower beings, but they want to help and guide us anyway. The fact that I dreamt my guide was a lion may or may not have some significance, but I know it isn’t linked to the star signs.
      I’m trying to think if I have ever dreamt of a wolf, and I’m not sure – although there was someone else in the dream with the lion cub that I couldn’t see. I don’t know, though…
      I’ll be looking out for wolves from now on though, just in case!
      Thank you for commenting, Shree! 😀


  2. I think about astrological compatibility all the time.

    Are you talking about in friendship, working relations or in relationship? I am a little unclear as to what kind of relationships you are curious about compatibility issues.

    For friendships and work relationships, I do believe there are resources out there to work around incompatible astrological signs, so I’m not going to really address that too much. Like for instance, I found this one


    There are ways of building rapport with the MOST difficult people, however, it also helps to know what kind of sign you are dealing with, that way you can actually rationalize it as “ah, but of course we will have a difficult time of things, it’s not anything personal, it’s not me, it’s the incompatible signs” I have a knack for getting along with difficult people, but it employs most of what is in that article (though I’ve never had to run to a manager for help – in fact, I prefer to keep them out of the problem). I have gotten along with some of the most prickly people. I find some of the best friends after these difficult people thaw. But then again, I am a Cancerian, and I tend to hang on with my claws and work through issues and I have advantage of the tough outer shell to protect me. All you have are scales between you and the world.

    But getting to closer relationships with Leos. I have known two significant Leos in my life. I am a water sign too (Cancer). My mother was a Leo – we had a really difficult relationship. She was all about power and ego and I could never please her enough so I never tried hard. She had ZERO compassion for sensitive feelings. That might have been her Leo traits, or the fact she was a narcissistic only child. Either way, we clashed. My shell helped some, and so did my pincers.

    My first boyfriend was a Leo, BUT, because I had some knowledge of the ego-stroking needs of the Leo AND I intuited that as long as I was willing to support/stroke my boyfriend’s ego, we would get along just fine. And we were for a while. But, over time, I realized that I was doing more of the work in the relationship, and while I understood what I was in for, it made me sad. For all my tough outer shell, I have a tender heart that needs nourishment. Leos are not great at providing sympathy/empathy for many, and especially not sensitive water signs.

    Thankfully, in some respects, since I was only 18 at the time, and my Leo mother hated my Leo boyfriend, she pressured us so much that my boyfriend and I decided to break up rather than fight her. He knew he was not in a position (financial or otherwise) to cross her.

    Now, fast forward many years, boyfriends and many other astrological signs. I am most compatible with a Taurus. My husband is a Taurus. We are both incredibly intuitive and we have lasted 17 years – through a LOT of painful experiences. I know the Leo would tell me to shake things off and pull myself up by my bootstraps (which I agree is sometimes necessary), but the Taurean way is to be steadfast and empathetic.

    I went ahead and checked out your relationship compatibility on sexualastrology.com (making the assumption you are heterosexual. I realize you may not be.)

    “The Leo woman’s ego can eclipse the personality of her Pisces man. He forgets himself as he bathes in her beautiful sunlight.

    The sex is something life altering, breathtaking and blissful. It’s out of the realm of anything one could anticipate. ”

    I personally think that for a short term relationship, you would have quite an enjoyable wild ride. But a marriage made in heaven? I don’t think so. But I could be wrong.

    My advice? Proceed cautiously. Though of course, if you trend towards 1) impulsive behavior and 2) idealizing people or, 3) she’s really hot, you might not throw caution towards the wind. Leo spirit guide or not…I’d at least be very prepared for some serious potential pitfalls. Then again, you are quite capable of making the call for yourself. Maybe your spirit guide is right. I don’t know.

    Okay, now, I hope I haven’t made too many assumptions here. I just love relationships and love to see people be happy with the right people. I think if more people consulted their astrological compatibility BEFORE they entered into a committed relationship, they’d save themselves some heartache. But there’s no rationality sometimes when you are dealing with the chemical alchemy of love.

    Getting off my soapbox here. Please continue with your regularly scheduled program.


      • That’s okay. I realized I may have misinterpreted the intent of the blog post. My comment probably belongs in the trash. Sometimes I read the wrong things into stuff. Bad habit of mine. I’m always trying to help people find relationships that work. Too many of my friends these days have relationships that do not work. About four married friends of mine are either divorced or on the brink of divorce. It’s sad, but I feel they chose based on hormones, not real compatibility.

        What came up to me in this post was in that vein, but that’s because I see too many people being hurt by incompatible partners. I don’t even know, maybe you are married. Didn’t think of that.

        Anyway…have a great day.


  3. This is a great story Tom, but if it were me, I’d just stick it out with Spudley….lol. You can have those wild tigers and others….. shoot, they are wild, leave them alone……. I don’t know to much about lions being in the spiritual journey or not…… just stay safe and calm… Spudley sounds like your kind of animal to have around……lol. Good Post!


    • Hi Miss D, yes, I know about Oesophagus. I’m still a Piscean with or without the thirteenth sign as I was born on March 13th. If I’d been born a few days earlier under this new system, I’d have been an Aquarian. Being an Aquarian born in the Age of Aquarius would be cool – but that is if we are in the Age of Aquarius. If not, we are in the Age of Pisces, and being a Piscean in the Age of Pisces is equally cool, methinks! Methinks a little too much at times!!! Oh, and I know it’s really Ophiuchus, I’m just kidding! 😉
      Thank you for commenting 😀


  4. At the moment my Spirit Guide is Super Mario! LoL!!!

    The last dream wa a corker – wish I could have recorded it!!! 🙂

    Just to let you know I FINALLY got my meds delivered and I had a few hours sleep, so it’s 4.22am and I’m going to be awake until lunchtime when my system will crash and I’ll get a few more hours.

    This will improve as the meds build up in my system so I am going to be going shopping Thursday in the morning and meet my working friends.

    I hate shopping, but knowing so many people on my way means I can get the job done without getting too stressed.

    Hope you have a great week my friend – I’m a Cancerian born in the year of the Rat! 🙂

    God Bless!



    • That’s great news, Prenin! At long last! Hopefully this won’t happen again.
      I wish I had the ability to record and replay my dreams – I have some fantastic ones. I don’t mind the shopping, but just rush it, and after last week, I need to slow it down a little.
      Hope you’ve had a good day, and your sleep is getting back to normal!
      Thanks for commenting! 😀


  5. I’m a Leo, Sir A, … Meoww!! or should that be RoOOOOar?… I like the sound of Spudley more and more…as for signs, I don’t take note of who and what are compatible… I just go with the flow… (‘cos I can’t swim 😉 ) xPenx


    • Ah, that proves it, Lady Pen, thank you! We get on, so the whole Leo / Pisces thing doesn’t apply to everyone. I thought it was way too general a statement! 😉 Going with the flow is so much easier too!
      And Spudley is one of a kind, she really is!


  6. If astrological signs were my guide, I (an Aries) would not be married to my soul mate (a Capricorn.) They are like oil and water according to all the books I read. But, the spirit guide thing. I totally get it.


    • Hi Andra. I don’t think the books have it all correct – I mean they can’t even agree on whether we are in the Age of Aquarius or not and these ages cover thousands of years, so something as little, in their eyes, as individual compatibility issues will need to be general indeed. Yes, we can read how others in the same star sign as us are and compare, but we aren’t them, we are ourselves and individual, so we will be different! Spirit Guides are different, and unique to us, so they are more personal. That’s how I see things anyway, but I’ve been wrong before!
      Thanks for commenting (and sorry for my waffly reply!) 🙂


      • I think I can find a book that will tell me just about anything I want to hear. 🙂 That’s part of the reason so many people write them. And, perhaps, why my spirit guide forced me to join them. I’m waiting for your spirit guide to do likewise.


  7. i was told my guide was a nunn called mary so now when im feeling low i watch my language lol although why a nunn would want to comfort me i have no idea hope your well meeow xxjen


    • Hi Jen, I believe our Spirit Guides choose us and choose how they present themselves to us. Your nun, my lion cub – we’re all different, and so are they!
      Meeow right back at you – hope you’re having a great night! 😀
      Thanks for commenting!


  8. Seems like I’m the only one to put any stock in astrological signs. I know its crazy. But I find at least the character traits to be fairly accurate at least with the people in my life. I don’t buy into the daily horoscope business, but as far as character traits, I do find they fit the personalities of the people I know. However, it could just be all coincidental. Or I just make it all fit.

    Do I believe in angels or spirit guides? No, at least I don’t label them as such (anymore). I believe in synchronicity and I believe in patterns, rhythms and the natural order of the Universe. Something is at play in the Universe, but I hesitate to give it a name.

    I believe there is something beyond our limited human ability to label certain experiences. Doing so detracts from the full wonder of it all when we try to give these things labels.

    I do believe in the law of attraction though, in that what you give out, you get back. If you give out negativity, you will attract negativity. If you give out positivity, you will get positivity. You give out hate, you get hate back; you give out love, you get love back. That stuff is mighty contagious. See what I’m saying?

    Okay, I’ll shut up now.


    • No, I agree, the traits are very accurate, Casey, which may or may not be coincidental – I experience possibly hundreds of coincidences so I can’t argue with anything the Universe offers!
      And the Law of Attraction (and other Universal Laws) fits in there too. 🙂


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