Oh, knee, I ask thee why must thou throb
Whence I stand and walk or hobble
’Tis fine whilst seated and after several steps
So why must thou caust me trouble?

A heat you bring within my leg
A warmth that’s not so fair
Whence I happen perchance to walk
A steppe or two from here to over there

I ask thee knee, nay I beg of thee,
To help me on my way
I have no need for thee to throb,
So take thy pain away.

Oh, knee, kind knee, strong knee of mine,
I’m grateful for thy support
You’re part of me so you must know
The pain that brought these thoughts

My mind it says the pain has gone
My mind says this is true
My body agrees and all is well
Apart from the throb from you.

There must be a change in the weather due…

5 thoughts

  1. Isn’t it awful when body parts let you down, Sir Aquatom. .. they lull us into a false sense of security and then wham…take that!! I hope your throbbing knee leaves you alone now… um…pain wise..not running off on it’s own type of thing. (that’d be daft really ) My ankles still misbehaving, so I’ve decided to teach it a lesson and ignore it… Hah!! serve it right. (’tis the right one funnily enough!!) … Lovely olde ode to the knee too.. 🙂 xPenx


    1. Thanks, Pen… your comments you have been leaving on your quest to find the date of Pyracanthagate have left me chuckling! Good to see that you have succeeded!
      Since writing my ode, my knee has been fine today – it really has!


  2. ha really good poem my back hurts bad it it just will not bend so give me please your walking stick to lend or a chair with wheels to carry me on my way xxjen


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