Time Travelling

Apparently, ‘they’ have said that time travel isn’t possible.

That must be it then. If ‘they’ say it’s not possible, it mustn’t be.

Similar ‘theys’ once said travelling to the Moon wasn’t possible, and we have now gone further than that. Similar ‘theys’ said man wouldn’t fly. They were wrong then. Presumably, early ‘theys’ thought the wheel was just a figment of their imagination.

I don’t think it is what is possible or not possible that is holding us back. I think it is the way how we think that causes our limitations and failures.

Yes, it’s true that we can’t travel in time, yet. We probably won’t be able to travel in time for some time to come, but by thinking this way, there is the chance that we will be able to do it one day. We can keep trying, and keep finding new things along the way.

Or we can just give up. Not bother trying because ‘they’ say it isn’t possible.

Which has the better view? A glimmer of hope or a brick wall? I know which view I like!

2 Comments on “Time Travelling

  1. well ive bumped my head on a brick wall too often so i guess trying to climb over is best time travel would be fantastic would you go forward or back tom ? id need to go with someone share the adventure are you coming ? xxjen


    • I’m always running into brick walls, Jen… I’m now looking for different ways to get round, over or through them!
      And time travel would be amazing. I think I’d like to see the future, to see how things turn out, but not stay very long. I’d also like to go and spend some time in 1642… and possibly calling off at a few other years along the way!
      When I get my time machine I’ll call around for you! 😉


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