Middle ground… a creative idea

I read a quote the other day that went something like ‘life begins and ends with nothing, now is the important time’.

I can’t say that I believe the ‘nothing’ parts, because I have my own thoughts and beliefs about past and future lives that I have mentioned in a previous post, but the ‘now is the important time’ really stood out to me.

The Now is ‘it’, basically. What we have done, we have done. And what will happen in the future can change… until that future becomes the now, it is only one of many possibilities.

What we do now will shape one of those futures, guide us in the direction of that future, but it will not lock us into that particular future. We may make one subtle change in a split second that will send us down a completely new path.

We may make a wrong decision and head towards one future. We may make an amazing decision, yet still follow that same path. We can’t dictate which way we will go, but we can make our journey there, our present time, our now, as enjoyable as we can. We can see how we would like our future to be by imagining it. We can do what we think we need to do right now to steer us in that direction, but until we are there, that is all we can keep on doing.

At least by seeing our future as good, as we would like it to be, we are already on our journey there. Feeling good now makes that journey all the better!

Now, how can that journey be better still? By being even more creative, that’s how! Be creative at how creative you can be! Have fun! Create a wonderful present now, and keep on doing it! That way, there is no need to wait for one of a number of possible futures to arrive, we’re already there!

4 Comments on “Middle ground… a creative idea

  1. Are you aware of how much effort it can sometimes take for a little bit of creativity? But I agree! People are always busy making plans until they realize that life is over and they missed their chance.


    • Hi Bettina – nice to see you again :D! Yes, I agree with what you say too, being creative can require some effort at times, but I think in the end it is effort well spent. Making plans is also good in my book, but finding good ways to get to them rather than sitting back and waiting can bring them in sooner.


  2. oh I do try Sir Aquatom, I try and be creative as possible..(enough so my brain hurts something rotten) … and we all start travelling on our first ever breath, and we all end on our last breath.. but the many breaths in between we can make as sweet as possible…, always brush your teeth every day, and mouth wash… Gives the day a fresher feel methinks.. xPenx


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