Iceland 1640sI’ve been trawling the internet today. Not all day, I’ve been doing other things too, but I’ve had a ‘pull’ to search for Iceland and 1642. I’ve briefly searched with this criteria before, which was when I found out that the Poetic Edda and the Codex Regius were rediscovered in Iceland at that time. I must admit that I haven’t read any of the poems in full, but I have glanced at a couple of them, meaning to read them in full at a later time.

Well, I still haven’t read them, and still intend to, but I have noticed something very unusual from my searches today. Whether this ‘unusual’ is simply coincidental, I don’t know, but I’ll be happy to go along with the description of ‘unusual’.

poetic-edda-coverFirst of all, my knowledge of Norse Mythology and history is extremely limited. I have heard of Odin, Thor, Valhalla, Asgard and the Valkyries, but don’t know anything about them. These Norse myths didn’t seem to register with me when I was growing up, when the tales of Roman and Greek Mythology seemed much more prominent. However, that in itself is a little strange as I don’t think any of these myths and legends were taught to me in school. I must have picked up the knowledge I have of them from somewhere (probably from a couple of movies or something), and my interest was more captivated by the Greeks and the Romans. I’m still interested in them, but I’m now finding myself more interested in the Norse myths.

So. What have I found today?

Possibly the most important tale from the Poetic Edda is called ‘Voluspa’ (or ‘Voluspo’), which tells of the origins of the cosmos, and the rise, lives, and fall of the gods. A final battle is described in this tale, named as ‘Ragnarök’ (the fate of the gods). Over time, this term has become associated with the word ‘rökkr’, which means ‘twilight’.

Other searches have brought the word’ ‘shadow’ in with the definition, and also ‘night-time’ and ‘dawn’.

Completely by coincidence, I wrote a quick ‘ramble’ yesterday about shadows, and darkness. My post was mostly about the energy of shadows, and I had no idea that there would be a link to Norse myths when I wrote that post. I also wrote that our shadows are part of ourselves, and in my research today, I’ve learned that the ancient Egyptians believed our shadows were one of five components that make up our souls. Twilight has been mentioned a couple of times in my older posts, but I used it more in reference to tales of vampires rather than the prophesised end of a world. Vampires are another interest of mine, and have had a few posts dedicated solely to them over the past year.

‘Ragnarök’ also describes natural disasters, and the world being submerged in water (although the world emerges anew afterwards, and greatly fertile) and water has been featuring heavily in my posts of late. Plus I have recently been introduced to the energy that provides the life of waves, although I have been mentioning this universal energy on and off since my blog began. And, my 1642 quest began with a dream of a ship.

I once heard a quote, well a Buddhist proverb actually, that said ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’… I think I’m not completely ready for the full picture yet, but I am learning some very interesting facts, and being shown just enough information for what I need at this present time.

OK, I’m also finding more questions, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m actually finding out just how much everything is connected to everything else, and somewhere along my journey I will find out what it is that has me fascinated by 1642. Ancient Egypt has now been brought into the mix, and with ‘Ragnarök’ being a kind of ‘End of Days’ prophecy, I am tempted to do a little research into the Mayan legends, myths and predictions, especially with 2012 being just around the corner.

I may be looking too deeply into things once again, trying to find whatever link that I can, but that is the 1642 quest I have set myself.: to find any information that I can. Information currently seems to be coming through to me through the medium of coincidences. The greatest use of coincidence is using the Law of Attraction: what I think about, I bring about, and, coincidentally, this is the Law of the Universe that I write about most in my posts.

Universal laws, myths, coincidences and me. All connected. And seven, seven, seven…

4 thoughts

  1. I can see a heaving mass of possibilities being thrown into the mixing bowl of questions without answers, as yet, and the questing of 1642, Sir Aquatom, exciting times ahead for you methinks. Just don’t you dare find out that the end of the World Is definitely ‘nigh’ soon, ‘cos I want to make plans for a holiday some time in the not too distant future, and I will be so miffed if it ceases as soon as it begins. (not had one for simply ages) … but saying that it’ll be like a relaxing holiday won’t it? Although Ragnarok with all that water isn’t my idea of bliss , ‘cos I can’t swim. !! Glug glug!! xPenx


    1. Hi Pen, I can see all sorts cropping up now… it’s going to be fun! I’m loving this delving into the past lark…
      I think the waters have been and gone, so (please don’t hold me to this…) you won’t be needing your arm bands just yet. Plenty of time for your hols! 😀


  2. wow – i think you got just about everything in this post! i know this entry isn’t about comparative mythology and believes, but it kind of reads like this. managed to get many of my fav interests and topics all rolled up in one post – whoa. nice read and looking forward to your continuing adventures…


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