Travelling and Unravelling: A Predictive Text Post

So I will have to wait for my voice.

I’ll be in the UK next Tuesday and Thursday and will probably get them back into my head by then. ‘Them’ will also include general information about finding it, my voice amongst other things, and importantly my Inners.

Thomasina has been to Venus and Tombie to Mars; they were both last seen on the planet sofa where they should have been transported back, but they were transported onwards.

My Inner Leader of the Opposition declared it an outrage, calling for Inners everywhere to unite in condemnation, only to be told to shut up by Fingers, my Inner Typist, in a poorly worded message that couldn’t possibly be shown here.

Thomasina has since been in touch and has said she is very happy on Ranglaar Prime, wherever that is, watching sunsets until the cows come home. Tombie hasn’t been in touch yet, but his hand and phone were found on the previously mentioned sofa on Mars, which would make communication just a tad difficult.

Meanwhile, Tummy, my Inner Mummy, managed to return from Saturn on Saturday, after being on a turbulent transportation since Thursday, slightly dishevelled, totally unravelled, and jetlagged.

What has any of this to do with my voice? It, me and my Inners were scattered asunder in the Vortex in the Bathroom, and, by all accounts, should be reconnected next Tuesday or Thursday.

See? Travelled full circle, via predictive text (or Mars as predictive text wanted) with a bit of unravelling thrown in in the middle.

It may make no sense at all… but then what does, these days?

Normal service should resume soon. This has been a break from the break post!

10 responses to “Travelling and Unravelling: A Predictive Text Post”

  1. Avigail (Hineini…I’m here) avatar
    Avigail (Hineini…I’m here)

    Sounds like a normal day. 😄 Finding our voice can be a very challenging and convoluted journey. I want to try a predictive text post.

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    1. Tom avatar

      Perfectly normal, Avigail! 😀
      The predictive text is a fun way to write, as long as you have some idea where you want to go… mind you, it’s just as fun seeing how far the words can lead! 🙂


  2. Sue Dreamwalker avatar

    Wonderful to see your Inner selves reaching outward into the Unknown uncharted Universe Tom… Something we are all doing in stages…. Let me know when you have relocated ALL those missing parts…. I know I am still missing a few of those fractals of self… I need to locate them…. So if you ever have a Guide to the Galaxy.. I would be happy if you could share… We could all do with reconnecting to our Inner Voice!… Mine is more than a little Rusty, but my inner Typist is in good form….

    Have a brilliant Easter…. See you when normal service resumes! 😉 ❤ 🙂

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    1. Tom avatar

      Happy Easter to you too, Sue! 🙂
      They’re always off doing something, my Inners, perhaps they are searching for the power for my voice. Hmmm… there’s a thought!
      No Guide to the Galaxy here, however… although a phrase springs to mind *… look for the nearest star, then keep on going… * some answers will be found along the way! 😃


  3. Chris Hall avatar

    Fabulously! Happy Easter, Tom

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    1. Tom avatar

      🐰 Happy Easter, Chris! 🐣

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  4. europasicewolf avatar

    🤣That was amazing Tom😂Predictive text is a wonderful thing and it’s got a great handle on your Inners while you are trying to find your voice! Nice to see your inners are alive and well, I thought they were banished to the history books 📚 I’m working on 3 posts at once now, though no Inners involved and you probably won’t find your voice in them though the sofa is a possibility😄 I did get distracted by digital vortexes this morning and most of the day despite vowing to leave arty things alone with your Inners and get on with writing but Fingers got involved and I ended up on the arty front again😁 The writing, not on the sofa or in the bathroom was going great until I got eye strain and the accompanying headache😵‍💫so I’m doing this instead, which isn’t helping the headache but might please your Inners! Now…just kettle me check for typos….oops! Kettle me?!! Please don’t! The predictive text is on form, then🤣

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    1. Tom avatar

      Kettle me check <- 😶🫢🤭😄🤣🤣🤣
      Sorry about your eye strain headache, though, Icewolf… shows you were intent on what you were doing, though.
      The Inners are always around somewhere, and will make appearances when least expected. You need to watch Fingers – given chance he’ll take cntoorl of any sotitauin … 🙄😏 see what I mean‽ 🙂

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      1. europasicewolf avatar

        Yes…Fingers is a bit of a nightmare at times! He could have made himself useful recently sorting out my endless supply of new pics…should have sorted as went along but ended up with huge backlog to arrange in folders 📂 within folders 📂 within folders…within….well you get the picture!🤣 Now I can’t bear to look at a single picture much less return to the pictures folder! Fingers could have done all that for me while I got on with my blog posts 😂 Now I’m battling with getting back into my 1/2 done posts as it means visiting the documents folder 📂 🙃 right next to the pictures folder 📂 I can’t bear to look in for the time being!! Where is Fingers when you need him?!!🤣

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        1. Tom avatar

          You seriously wanted Fingers to help sort folders? Fingers… who’s all fingers and thumbs??!!‽ 🤣

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