So, is this


Piku? No, not quite

Then what
This? Nowhere near

Surely we


Be there now, no? No.



And then four more

But what a


The middle one?

All it takes
Time and patience

We get there
The end. Or maybe not.

It’s world Piku day today, with it being the Fourteenth of March. Tilly reminded me earlier, and I’ve spent a good few hours trying to work out whether it’s pea-ku or pie-ku. I’ve decided it must be pie-ku with it being pi day, pi being the number that begins 314. I then spent the last five minutes putting together this pi-mash (or piku mish-mash to give its full title), and then the last thirty seconds trying to stop my tummy from a-rumblin’, as I’ve gone all hungry all of a sudden.

This here link


Go to Tilly’s

(Gah!) … ahem… site, where you can read a much more acceptable and humorous range of pikus:

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