I think I tapped into the Fantasy World this morning.

The dream world that exists in the time between being awake and asleep, not the actual sleep-time dream world… and not the surreal reality of the SSC&B world… nor the Mansion world… nor the deepest depths of my mind either, for that matter.

Just the peripheral edges, I could say.

I found myself in my office at work, dressed in a shirt and boxers (typical half-dressed situation!) sorting through a pile of papers for images for my blog. I’d moved some to one side that I thought I couldn’t use because a voice told me they infringed digital rights (a phrase that surprised me as it’s one I haven’t heard for quite a while)

Somebody came to me and asked that I take a walk down to one of the floors below to see if I can help Lisa State with a problem she had – having no idea who Lisa State was, when asked, I was told you’ll know her when you see her.

I decided to put my boots on before I went, by this time I was actually wearing trousers, and found that the laces needed doing up correctly. The left boot was almost done, the lace simply needed threading through the last eye, but the right boot had been laced so higgledy-piggledy I wondered how I’d worn them like that last time. The lace for the right boot, however, was also far too long for the boot, and reached behind the computer on the desk. As I pulled it, the monitor, and then the desk started to slide forward. I decided to stand, to untangle the lace.

As I stood, a frenemy from one of my jobs from years ago appeared beside me, saying I should post the images I’d moved to one side, as they don’t look anything like the person they were meant to anyway. I looked at the image for a second, and then got back to my lace issue.

Now, for me to get to the back of the desk, I had to walk down the stairs (which in reality would have meant me having to walk passed the back of the desk to get to the door to the office, but dream worlds, hey?) out through the main entrance of the building, along the road for a good forty minutes, over a bridge that crossed the river, back along another road to the far entrance to the business park, back in through the front door, back in through the office door, and then I was at the side of the desk (which I’d passed about an hour ago).

The lace was caught behind some boxes, and a tray of cat litter which I then recalled had been used by one of the managers the day before. Not used by the manager, I must clarify – I mean the manager’s cat.

Another face from the past then arrived to move the boxes, which had turned into potted plants in plastic carrier bags. As she took the bags away, she also moved the litter tray (with a quick “Oh, that’s where it is!”), and the lace became free and fell back to the boot which was still under the desk.

I sat in my chair, finally able to lace the boot correctly – the lace had now gone back to normal size, and I stood to go and find out who this Lisa State was.

It was then I became fully awake, and have no clue what that was all about. And Lisa State remains a mystery too.

In the end, I chose to use this picture I created that looks nothing like who it’s meant to… although I’m certain it isn’t Lisa State.

19 thoughts

    1. I know…!
      Sometimes, my fingertips just type away, Chris, without me giving them any thought.
      I’m either channelling a message which will make sense to someone (who…?! – I dunno!) or, in a moment of madness, I’ve handed control over to Fingers (my Inner Typist and not your monkey!)… although Fingers has a particularly bad typewriting style. (I dread to think how he’d cope with writing Gemevere!)

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  1. My books would have been pretty weird had they been based on my peripheral memories. Like yours, they were way outside any box….(Often involve high cliffs, lost directions and not being prepared for a tea or dinner party, peopled by some outlandish characters.) Quite mad.

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  2. LOL! What an adventure just to lace up your boot! I’m surprised that your dream even returned to the bootlace – usually once I go down a rabbit hole like that, I can’t return to where I left. 🙂

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  3. Wow to the dream time Tom… Lots of vivid imagery in there… Im sure too the more you delve into dream time the more revealing it becomes.. We could all do with some superhuman intervention right now and Loved your created the Not Lisa State.. 🙂

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        1. Yes, I usually have vivid dreams, but lately mine have also been very vivid… I may start a dream journal myself (although remembering the dream will probably cause me to forget about the journal! 😂)


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