In yesterday’s post, I introduced you to Nancy, the smiling cow. Folk may be wondering how I hadn’t noticed that a creature the size of a cow was looking in my direction, so here’s the explanation as to how I missed it!

  1. The path I was on was higher than the field Nancy was in. I had to crouch down to get a better angle for the photo.
  2. There was a barbed wire fence between the path and the field, so I had to contort myself to get between the pesky wires. There were further wires inside the field, but I couldn’t really do anything to avoid them.
  3. The path was slippery, as I was walking in a – would the phrase be a downpour? – drizzle… the very wettening kind! The path was also very uneven, so I was balanced unsteadily.
  4. I couldn’t really see the image on the screen on the mobile, so had to take the photo hoping for the best!
  5. I was quite happy with how the photo turned out.
  6. There isn’t really a sixth point, but as this is a post for Six Word Saturday, it seemed fitting to have one!

10 thoughts

    1. It certainly could, Beverly. In one alternative reality I fell over the wooden fence that was beyond the barbed wire that I’d initially fell through, completely missing the third wire fence, and then stumbled down head-first into the trough. The cows found it hilarious and had to help me out. I was amazed at how helpful the cows were. As well as a great smile, Nancy also had an infectious laugh!

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