Debbie’s word for One Word Sunday this week is Pond (or Ponder). So, I went for ‘Pondest’. The most pond-like image I could find of the Lake, where one could just look at it and ponder.

Ponder questions such as why do the lily pads look upside down at the top of the image (they aren’t!)

What caused that lone ripple in the centre there, whilst the rest of the water is as still and clear as a mirror.

Just how can all of those leaves and grasses and trees fit into the reflection? And aren’t there some lovely shades of green.

This is also a post for Becky’s #TreeSquares, where we are back to Summer.

Visit both links to see more photos to ponder!

21 thoughts

    1. 🤣🤣 Don’t talk wet! 🤣🤣
      Sorry, Icewolf, how awfully rude of me.
      Love the pondcast (Spellchecker doesn’t!), by the way. 🙂


  1. I enjoyed your pondering.

    I’m engaged in an ongoing poetry project where we take turns sharing images and then use them as prompts. The first thing I do is dissect the image as you have done here. It is amazing how much we can get out of pictures if we only take the time to really consider them. And it is amazing how much we miss in this very visual age, because we are too busy hurrying onto the next one.

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