As we’re forecast to have very hot temperatures this weekend, I’m sticking with my Winter theme for Becky’s #TreeSquares. We’re almost down to the bare branches in this photo; plenty of water, a few ducks hither and thither, snow-covered banks, and a tree. In fact, you may be able to see a few bare branches top right!

Also posted for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

20 thoughts

    1. I don’t think they mind the weather, Chris. I watched one slipping and sliding across the ice once, and it was like, well, erm, water off a duck’s back! 😁

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    1. Some areas flood occasionally, Beverly, but not very often around here… and usually the places flood more in strong winds! The ducks are fine… they’re a herdy bunch! 🙂

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    1. I haven’t been outside today, Elaine, and I’ve kept myself in the shade, so it’s quite cool in here… it does look hot outside though! Hope you feel cooler soon! 🌞😎

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    1. Don’t your ‘winters’ come overnight, Janet? I thought I’d read the temperatures plummet overnight in the desert, although I could be wrong. I do like the changes to the seasons, and I think I would miss winter too if it wasn’t there. Although lately, we seem to get all four seasons in one day! 🙂


        1. 😳 Ouch! I’ll never take those wildlife articles and documentaries at face value again! I think it’s 80 here today, and that’s too warm.
          I hope you find yourself somewhere cool!


          1. Of course in winter it might drop down into the 30’s or 40’s at night. The temperature can drop 20 to 30°, so that is plummeting but it’s not as if it goes from zero during the day to 30 below at night. Trust me, 82 feels pretty good when the high is 110 or above. LOL. In the summer, we think 90 feels just wonderful.

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            1. I can’t imagine being in those temperatures most of the time. All I’m fit for today is laying back with my feet up. I think it’s too hot to go outside; at least it’s a little cooler inside.
              Have you had any rain yet? I keep trying to ‘send’ some your way! 🙂


              1. Thankfully we have had and a decent amount, too. We can use more but at least we’re having a bit of what they call “monsoon season” here. 🙂 I don’t know how much we’ve gotten but the plants are ecstatic. Thanks for your help and send more, only in small doses because the ground here can’t absorb much at a time.

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      1. This is my first summer in Arizona. Monsoons have started, so that helps cool the temperatures down in Prescott. Not so much in the valley. 🙂 I’ll hold onto the cool ducks. 🙂

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