A white one? Answers by the name of July? Usually seen hopping around here somewhere? No? OK, then, a photo of a rabbitless tree in the open field will have to do.

Becky’s Squares begins again this month, and the subject is Trees. Square Trees. Not square trees, but square photos of them. Although, if you squint and tilt your head slightly, the leafy part of this tree could be square. Almost.

And White Rabbits for July. I’m now off to look for that pesky rabbit…

Posted for #TreeSquare.

18 thoughts

    1. It’s only a little tree though, Becky… and in the original photo it was over to the edge! 😊 Sorry if I had you looking for wabbits! 😀


        1. Doubly cropped! I crop them to a square on my mobilius phoneus, and then email them to myself which, inexplicably, causes the square to be heightened and become rectangular, so they need re-squaring again. I’m sure there’s an easier way! 🙂😊


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