Thomasina looked at her computer monitor and frowned.

She typed a few words…

And stopped.

Bernard, the harshest of the Inner Critics approached. “What are you doing?” Bernard asked, although not really interested.

“I’m writing a blog post.” She replied. “Only I’m struggling for something to say. Perhaps you could help?”

Bernard looked at the screen. “Move the curser here.” He tapped the screen.

“To the beginning?” Thomasina asked. Bernard nodded, and she did as he asked.

“Now, press and hold this key.”

“The delete key?” Thomasina watched as Bernard nodded again. She deleted what she’d written so far.

“Now, click on this box,” He pointed to the red X in the top corner of the screen, “and close the whole thing down. Nobody will read what you write anyway.” He walked away without another word.

Thomasina didn’t click the red X. She looked at the blank screen in front of her. Although she now didn’t have any words, she knew she had more to say.

28 thoughts

    1. Bernard is everyone’s worst nightmare, Elaine. He’s my Inner Nagging Voice – the one who constantly says I’m not good enough (etc)! He’s really grumpy. I’ve sent him away on a mission to search for a number of needles in an ever-changing number of haystacks around the world, but it appears he’s now searching in the UK again. I named him Bernard so I can tell him where to go when he turns up! 🤣 It works for a while.

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    1. He keeps getting the old heave-ho, Diane, but he always manages to bring it back! I might give him a heavy heave-ho this time! ☺


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