It’s Debbie’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week’s theme is ‘Dream’.

My dreams go from the sublime to the ridiculous. sometimes even in the same dream. A complete mixed bag of elements, which may just be brought together to fill the blank canvas of my mind as I sleep; although it could also be said they may hold the key to what’s in store for the future. If only I can remember them long enough to work out what!

Above are a few photos representing some of my dreams, completely random and mixed up – one of them speaks a lot louder to me than the others. It may just be a favourite of this particular bunch, however, so I’ll not say which one.

Visit Debbie’s site through the link above to see more interpretations of this week’s theme.

25 thoughts

  1. Dreams! are to me more interesting than ever of late Tom… Loved your collection of random photos too… Loved the lakeside view. 🙂 and the Key spoke to me also… Mainly because perhaps I am always looking for a key to interpret my own dreams…
    Hope your Sunday has been restful.. 🙂

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    1. Very restful, thanks, Sue.
      Dreams have been interesting here too. And, I’m also dreaming when I take a mid afternoon nap… which is odd. Let’s hope we all find our own keys very soon. 🙂

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  2. Hey TL…..I was trying to interpret your dreams by the pictures…Tough on some to figure out. I can’t help but think that pencil speaks to your love of writing….Then again, there was no paint brush with dreams of being a master painter.? I guess I’d opt for the key myself, it doesn’t mention which or how many doors it opens. Maybe a lot! Dream on and make them all come true….VK 🙂

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    1. The key seems to be quite popular, VK. The pencil represents art and writing… I haven’t lifted a paintbrush for a while now, so I think a change is due here!

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            1. I’m seeing time as an obstacle right now, which is odd considering I currently have so much of it. Well, that and inactivity which brings on the time issue when I start doing something.

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                    1. Gah! Circles within circles. (Spheres within spheres 😇😊 )
                      If I find the key, and all the answers, I’ll let you know.
                      One answer, relevant to tomorrow, therefore everything, is 42. Maybe your painting ’42’ holds a clue… as might my 42nd post from back in the dawn of time. See? Time again. Gah! 🤪 My darkened room beckons!

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