But not when I thought it, that is.

When I thought it, on Friday, I thought that tomorrow, Saturday, was Sunday. But today is now Saturday, and I know that it is Saturday now, but yesterday, Friday, I thought that today (tomorrow as was) was Sunday. I’m aware now that tomorrow, Sunday, is Sunday, and on Friday, apart from thinking that Saturday was Sunday, I never gave Sunday a thought. Apart from when I wrote this, as I had to think that I was in Saturday, when in fact I was still in Friday, but for continuity’s sake I had to act as though I was writing this post on Saturday, which is when it was written for, for Six Word Saturday in fact.

And thinking about it, the fact that I was writing a Six Word Saturday post on Friday for Saturday, I should really have known that tomorrow (today / whenever!) was in fact Saturday and not Sunday, as I originally thought.

I’m having a great weekend!

I hope that you are too!

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