Dear Greenery,
How nice it is to see you filling the spaces that were originally just branches. With the pleasant temperatures around as well, there is definitely a Spring Feel in the air… and it Feels Good!

Dear Gardeners,
Now that the green leaves have started appearing on the trees, do you think it is the right time to cut every single branch of all of the trees, leaving them looking like half-dead stumps? Especially when you did the very same trees last year? Not that I know very much about gardening, but you have left those trees looking somewhat a sorry mess.

Dear Bee,
Nice to see you buzzing about again earlier – you must surely feel that Spring is in the air… or you simply couldn’t sleep and went out for a little explore! Enjoy!

Dear Robins,
I have always considered you to be Winter birds, but I am finding I am seeing more and more of you in the nicer, warmer weather. Is it me who has completely got you wrong, and you are really an all-year-round bird, or are you spreading your wings, so to speak, and trying out different seasons?

Dear Hair,
Yes, you know what’s coming! With the warmer weather, you are far too long to enable me to feel even the tiniest lick of a breeze. And then, you make me look like I’ve just walked through a tornado when such a lick appears. No. You have to go. I’m just preparing you.

Dear The Word Constellate,
I think I like you. Your meaning describes you to a tee: to gather together in a group or cluster. Like a constellation, a cluster of stars. These letters could be part of a constellate. Yes, I like you. Very astro-feeling.

Dear Blogland,
Apologies, but I have scoured the internet for terrible jokes again:
– What has four legs, one foot and one head? A bed.
– It has four legs and it can fly. What is it? Two birds.
– What would happen if you threw blue sneakers into the Red Sea? They would get wet.
– What tea can vary in taste from bitter to sweet? Realitea.
– What’s the difference between an eggplant and a chicken? They’re both purple, except the chicken.

They are getting worse, aren’t they?

Dear Creativity,
Good to see you back for my Tuesday post. Hope you return again in time for next week’s post as well!

Dear Spring Weather,
Apart from the pleasant warmth, and the onset of green leaves everywhere, plus the blooming of Springtime flowers hither and thither, one thing always makes me smile. The first nice day of the year, and everyone’s at it. (Well, nearly everyone…!) The shorts go on and the barbecues come out! The air was full of the aroma of burning food the other day. Lovely. But please, shorts-wearers, remember the old adage ‘Don’t cast a clout ‘til May’s out!’

And Finally, Dear Shared Consciousnesseses,
Here’s something for you to swell on… a nice, contagious smile. Feel it, share it, and Fell Good! Pass it on!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. Here’s a little image to celebrate the start of the weekend…

… well, if you remember me saying last week that Friday has now joined Saturday and Sunday to be weekend days. This needs fireworks to celebrate, and here they are (courtesy of Pixabay!). Have a FABULOUS weekend!

16 thoughts

      1. ‘Clout’ means clothing, Beverly, so the saying is a reminder that the weather can be changeable until after May. I don’t think that is the case anymore, however, as the weather is always changeable now, whatever the month! 😀

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  1. Bad Joke Time!!!

    Little Johnny goes to school and the teacher tells him:”Johnny, tomorrow I want you to come to school with a word and I want you to tell me how important it is!”

    Johnny says: “OK!” and goes home.

    The next day he comes to class, puts a white dot on the blackboard and sits down.

    “What’s this?” Asked the teacher.

    “It’s a period.” Replies Johnny.

    “I know it’s a period, but why is it important?” The teacher asks.

    “Fucked if I know,” Replies Johnny, “but when my sister said she was missing one, dad had a heart attack, mum fainted and the next door neighbor shot himself!!!” 😀

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