Reports are coming through that Tufty has returned to the Lake. Grainy photographs have been received showing both Tufty and Mrs Tufty swimming together on the Lake’s surface. As I’m currently in Cluddunt I haven’t had visual contact with the pair myself, but the photos definitely seem to indicate that Tufty has returned.

More on this Beaking News story when I return to the UK.

Here are the photos I have received:

Above: Tufty and Mrs Tufty

Above: Mrs Tufty and Tufty

Above: Tufty through the branches.

Luckily I have been able to clear away most of the grainy dotty interference from the photos. They clearly show that Tufty is back!

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  1. Time for a contest to see what we name the babies….Hope you are having an enjoyable holiday TL…I’m not even going to try and spell the name of where you are 🙂 Have a good time but don’t stay so long you miss the Tufty Babies… VK

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    1. No babies as yet, VK. I went to the Lake today and the pair of them were bobbing along nonchalantly as they do. Mrs Tufty started to come towards me but a couple of squabbling geese changed her direction. Got a few photos of her though… and Tufty, of course! Can’t wait to see the little ones.

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