This is it! This is my post to mark the posting of two thousand five hundred posts here on this blog!

That figure is actually reached next week, but I felt a weekend party celebration would be a better idea.

To become one of the ‘Twenty-five Hundred’ is very simple indeed. In the comments, simply add a link to something you think others may find useful that you have found on someone else’s blog. Or, if you provide a service that you’d like mentioning, link to that as well. Chat amongst yourselves, have fun!

In my invitation post, I suggested that this post be a platform for showcasing talents. All you need to do, dear guest (apart from having a good ol’ nosey around the Mansion / blog) is provide a link in the comments. Or a comment. Or both, but leave something to show you’ve been here! Chat amongst yourselves. I’ll be along throughout the day to update this post with any links received, but why not visit any that are left directly through the comments. Perhaps:

You found a blog post that inspired, moved, uplifted, energised, or motivated you in some way


You may have a favourite post of your own that you’d like to share


You may provide a free service through your blog / site and you’d like to highlight that


You’d perhaps like feedback on something you do from other bloggers who don’t yet follow you


You’d like one of these nifty badges:

Then claim one when you leave a comment – it’s free! Just comment. Chat. Have fun!

A partytastic Six Word Saturday post!

81 thoughts

  1. I shall be back shortly… the fourteen course ‘luncheon’ is now being served.
    (I mean, it’s 2am. Who eats luncheon at 2am?) Mind you, here in the ‘tropics’ where time is no object, time doesn’t matter… I’ll see you later! Food calls! And if it is anywhere near as good as I was on that karaoke, well, I’m in for a treat! 😉


  2. Tom, So far everyone seem to be way ahead of me. Been behind all week. Seem something always jumps up and takes over before I even get started. After keeping the three littles yesterday, all day, I may not get much done today either..Those who don’t know me might enjoy my rambling over at If I knew how to really post that link I would but …..
    I’ll check in later for more of your fun time.

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    1. No worries, Beverly, sometimes it’s like that! And you were actually ahead of everyone else, as you were the first to comment on this post! 😀
      I’ve edited your comment just a tad, to add the link to your blog. See you later!

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            1. The way how I do it, Beverly, is…

              Grab yourself a cup of tea, settle down, and then I’ll begin. It’s quite straightforward, but word heavy.

              1) Right-click on the picture and select the ‘Save Image As…’ option, which will save a copy of the image to a folder of your choice on your computer (it maybe the desktop, or pictures, or downloads… or somewhere you specify)
              2) In the ‘Media’ section on your WordPress Dashboard, select ‘Add New’
              3) Browse to the location where you saved the image, and double-click it. This will load the image up to WordPress.
              4) Once loaded, go back to the ‘Media’ section, this time to view the images you have uploaded, and click on the image you want.
              5) Click ‘Edit’. Somewhere on the right-hand side you will see a ‘URL’ field. Highlight the text in this field, and right-click it, and then select ‘Copy’
              6) Now we get to the tricky bit, depending on which Dashboard is being used. One will show a selection for ‘Appearance’; the other, ‘Customize’. Select this, and then select ‘Widgets’
              7) The WordPress instructions are quite clear when it comes to creating a new image widget; as you have uploaded the image to your media file you should be able to browse to it. If you need the URL for the image, then you have copied it into your buffer in step 5, so you just need to right-click and ‘paste’ the URL into the required field
              8) Now to link the image to this post (if you so wish to!). In a new window, load the post and then right-click the URL in the address bar at the top of the screen, and click ‘Copy’. The right-click in the ‘Link To’ field in your new image widget, and select ‘Paste’.
              9) The ‘Save’ the widget and the job is done.

              And you should now have a shiny new widget somewhere on your blog. Unless I’ve missed out a very important step, which is highly likely.
              I think I’ll have a cup of tea now as well… I hope this helps! 😀


    1. I’m so glad you linked to that post, CM, for I seem to have missed it. I miss a lot nowadays – and it seems the nowadays have been here for some time! 😀
      And thank you for popping by, CM, and for being one of the Twenty-five Hundred!

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  3. Just popped in to say Congratulations on getting your party together and in full swing. Looks like everyone is thoroughly enjoying the nibbles, the DJ and the hot tub.
    What a shame that you’re on holibobs. (I hope you’ve booked for some cleaners to come in, in the morning, and clean this place up! – eeeek!) lol. 😀

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    1. Ah, thanks, Cobs, for keeping an eye on things! I have staff somewhere who will sort things. I say somewhere, as I never see them!
      I knew that hot tub would be a good idea.


  4. Came back for a few more nibbles on this serene Sunday morn – you may like to start the day with me by listening to this –
    And for those bloggers who, like me, are not as talented as TM himself, here is a link to Jacquie’s post from yesterday in which she share 100 (yes, that is not a typo!) links to free images –

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  5. All these party goers are making my head spin, Tom! 🙂 🙂 Or perhaps I overcelebrated last night. A lovely friend was briefly back in town so I had good cause. Happy, if a little delicate, Sunday!

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  6. Came back for another visit to see other visitors and their links, only to realise that I didn’t add a link of my own! DOH!

    So – a little late, but in the spirit of sharing, I add a link to something I blogged about a short time after I began blogging. It wasn’t seen by many people and there were no comments on it – but that really isn’t surprising because at that point I had very few followers and since I don’t ‘do’ Facebook or any other of those types of social media things, I knew that any followers I gained would be earned the hard way – which I kind of liked because then I’d know that people liked what they read or saw – so that was a great thing.

    Aw anyhooo (you’re rambling again Cobs – get to the point woman!) here’s a link to something on my blog from years ago, when we were all so much younger and far more incredibly beautiful – lol

    ‘Merriman TV is sorry for this interruption to your normally great service, which is now going to return to its original greatness.’

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  7. Well, lets hope I can post again. Akismet seems to think I am all fixed. Well not me, the posting problem 🙂
    It’s amazing how fast the time flies by, what once was the beginning is now years into being. Good job TL. I know you have fun with it and if I’m correct you are learning all kinds of new things while doing this. Have a glass of bubbly and celebrate!!! I’m sure the mansion will celebrate with you. Be ware!!!! VK

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    1. Thanks, VK! And yes, I’ve been learning as I’ve been going along. It’s all fun, and I’m sharing what I learn along the way. This blogging certainly opens your mind to different possibilities, doesn’t it? I love it for that.
      And… bubbly is beckoning, shortly followed by a deep sleep, I feel! 😀 I think the Mansion may be sleeping. Ulp. Spoke too soon!
      Have a good Easter Weekend, VK!

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