Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Mobile’.

As Hallowe’en is approaching, and I’m adding my usual run of Hallowe’en themed posts, I had to cheat a little with this week’s theme and adapt my photo somewhat. It’s a collection of old mobile phones I have – I tend to keep everything as they may ‘come in’ one day (well, you never know!) and I wanted to create a mobile phone graveyard. I have to get these ideas out there otherwise they will haunt me forever more!

So, I’ve overlaid a couple of images to my photo, to make them seem somewhat spooky. Spookier. Kooky. The first one is a lighting bolt, and the second is a photo of clouds to provide an incoming mist effect. Although I like the colours with the lightning one, I prefer the clouds one. The original photo is in the header, which is probably all the more frightening in its starkness.

Please visit Debbie’s site (link above) to see more interpretations on this theme.


9 Comments on “Mobile

  1. I like all three Tom! 🙂

    One of our local phone shops used to take in old mobile phones to be refurbished and sent out to third world countries – then we found out they were refurbishing them themselves and selling them on… 😡

    God Bless!


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  2. Definitely an unusual interpretation, Tom! you’ve got quite a collection of phones, and some looks as though they’ve worked hard.
    I love the cloud version – that really has worked as a spooky shot.

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