Beware the Hypnotic Psychedelic Vampire Clown

Yes indeed. Vampire clowns. Whatever next?

Two Vampire Clowns. Run! Quick! Run!

Ah! It’s just smoke and mirrors.

Hang on! Vampires don’t have reflections…

As if we will believe that!

A Six Word Saturday Halloween Post.

Just sploshing around a little colour!

12 thoughts on “Beware the Hypnotic Psychedelic Vampire Clown

  1. You may not know this but we have had a problem, a serious problem, with people dressing like clowns and doing really bad things. Sooo…except for the coloring and the great backgrounds ..I don’t like these clowns. Sorry

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    • Oh, I know all about that problem, Beverly. We’ve had our share of idiots and nincompoops doing the same thing over here. Quite a few of them complained when their ‘pranks’ backfired on them. Between you and me, I smiled when I read about them getting their comeuppance!
      And it’s quite alright. I don’t like clowns either. I like vampires, and tried to make the awful clowns a little better – not that it helped. I still don’t like clowns.

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    • Definitely not self portraits, Debbie! If I looked like them, I’d never go out ever again!
      And thanks, I kind of went over the six, but I do that every now and then… 😉 😀
      (Nonchalantly walks away, whistling)


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