Yes indeed. Vampire clowns. Whatever next?

Two Vampire Clowns. Run! Quick! Run!

Ah! It’s just smoke and mirrors.

Hang on! Vampires don’t have reflections…

As if we will believe that!

A Six Word Saturday Halloween Post.

Just sploshing around a little colour!


  1. You may not know this but we have had a problem, a serious problem, with people dressing like clowns and doing really bad things. Sooo…except for the coloring and the great backgrounds ..I don’t like these clowns. Sorry

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    1. Oh, I know all about that problem, Beverly. We’ve had our share of idiots and nincompoops doing the same thing over here. Quite a few of them complained when their ‘pranks’ backfired on them. Between you and me, I smiled when I read about them getting their comeuppance!
      And it’s quite alright. I don’t like clowns either. I like vampires, and tried to make the awful clowns a little better – not that it helped. I still don’t like clowns.

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        1. I don’t like any kind of clown, Beverly. I also don’t agree with animals performing in circuses. Performing animals are fine as long as they truly are looked after well, but there’s something about circuses that I don’t trust.


    1. Definitely not self portraits, Debbie! If I looked like them, I’d never go out ever again!
      And thanks, I kind of went over the six, but I do that every now and then… 😉 😀
      (Nonchalantly walks away, whistling)


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