Reports are coming in of a breaking news story that is fake. Numerous un-named sources from various high-ranking departments / companies / sectors and other non-descript bodies have all concurred to these current events. Concurrently, on the other side of the world, there are other unsubstantiated and extremely patchy bulletins being released that may or may not have links to the breaking news story here.

Tony (not his real name), a passer-by in the street, was asked for his opinion on this very relevant and concerning news story. He was in a hurry and could only mutter “I don’t have time for this nonsense”, as he walked on by, face distorted with a mixture of confusion and worry.

Dark clouds are gathering overhead as if in ominous agreement with the dark undertones that are being emitted with this as-it-is-happening event, details of which are still sketchy, and we are hoping for further details as and when they filter through. Proof that the story is breaking has been confirmed by two or three scientists working in the Southern Hemisphere. So, confirmation has been obtained in this major news-worthy event. Sorry, that should be UN-confirmed.

Analysts say they are concerned by this development, and are watching matters closely, although they are also saying that we should err on the side of caution until we are absolutely sure that this news story is breaking.

Further news will follow as and when it happens.

The authenticity of this story is currently unclear. Believe it or not.


  1. Tom … you KNOW I only have one working brain cell. You KNOW how easy it is to confuse an eejit. So knowing this … you post a blog post which I had to read over again, and sometimes a couple of sentences had to be re-read three times???

    Hmpfft. Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!
    It’s a good job I’m unforgiving to those I squidge ~ Cobs. x 👻

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  2. Valuable bit of news, that. I’m sure further sauces will soon add more flavour.
    Did you hear? All the news about Trump having been elected president is fake? Actually, everyone in USA is still deciding.

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