It was, wasn’t it?

Fabulous. That thing. You know…

I’m sure that it was.


We’re at the very Far End of Time itself. Right at the end. The only way we can look is back. There’s no future. No forwards. Nothing ahead.

All we can see are our memories. Our time here. What we’ve done, where we’ve been, how we’ve played our part. I’m sure it was fabulous.


We’ve gone right back now, right back to the very beginning. All we can see here is ahead. An empty canvas, waiting for us to fill with experiences, events, situations… when full, will we be able to look back on it and say ‘well, that was fabulous’? I’m sure we will, especially looking at our first perspective.


And finally we’re back in the now. In the current time. We have the future ahead, the past behind.

The direction we take from now on is our choosing.

Do we take the fabulous route? Do we want to?


Nothing is set in stone. Everything can change.

Change is good.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

And be fabulous whilst you’re at it!



  1. That’s the way I used to live before my life was destroyed and I was driven mad for no good reason. 😦

    Now I have only tomorrow to look forward to and 56 years of mostly bad memories… 😦

    God Bless!


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      1. LOL… don’t be let down. That’s the trick.
        You haven’t let you down. You just thought you’d get a result from someone else which didn’t happen. It’s ok to feel a bit of a grump about it… but don’t let it last. A few moments, even up to a little while. But don’t get comfortable in the grump chair because if you do, you will set like a jelly and they getting out of it is a hard climb.
        Sending love, my fabulous friend ~ Cobs. x

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        1. You are absolutely right, Cobs. THANK YOU.
          That grump chair was starting to envelop(e?) me. Where it was going to send me, however, I have no idea… but I’ve decided to stay right here!!! 😀

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