Time and I are on opposite sides of the seesaw at present. Not only that, time is on one side of a seesaw in a totally different playground to the one I’m riding in, so sometimes we’re both bobbing upwards, other times we’re both bobbing downwards, and yet at other times we are so out of sync we’re here there and everywhere totally out of step. Or seesaw. Or swing.

We’re in that latter stage at present.

To say my blogging isn’t consistent is an understatement. My visiting worserer than it has ever been before. Everer. And even my replying to comments has been shocking of late. And even posting here even, here, even, on this blog, where I try to post at least once a day, several days were missed last week. Sigh.

But, I am trying.

Very trying. I know.

I do read my comments though, even if I don’t reply straight away.

A recent comment on my recent post Success literally spoke out to me. It resonated on that wavelength that screams YOU MUST SHARE THIS.

The seedlings are Spirit’s way of reminding us that we too have the strength and courage to start anew, to grow into whatever we desire. Take a hit of miracle grow and have fun.


I’ve altered a couple of words but the message is still the same.

So, start afresh and have fun.

This is me doing that. With thanks to Visionkeeper.

Once again!


  1. What the heck are all those blue dots in the picture???? It looks like hundreds of miniature orbs bizzing about. So cool. Talk about spirit’s on your travels. Looks like you have a lot of them. Thanks for the quote TL. I hope you growing strong along with your seedling friends….VK 🙂

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    1. They are The Grinds blue dots, VK… they make appearances from time to time! 😉
      The weather has turned a little cooler of late, so the seedlings appear to have gone to sleep for a while. It’s due to get a little warmer this week, so they may start stirring again!

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  2. VK has always been an inspiration Tom, so I agree totally!!! 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend my friend – see you when you feel like popping by and NOT before!!! 😉

    God Bless!


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      1. Come to Dorset (“Darsit”) … we had tons of sunshine here – just a little windy today. But it was bloomin’ glorious.
        A day to walk along the beautiful Sandbanks beach and let the wind blow the cobwebs away.
        (not the me ‘cobwebs’, naturally! lol)
        Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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        1. We couldn’t have you being blown away, Cobs!
          So, are things still nice down in Darsit? It’s been very pleasant up here in Cheshire, although some days have been a little on the breezy/chilly side. Nice sunshine though!

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          1. Weather today: … tis sunny and (fluffy white with a bit of grey) cloudyish and windy. Warmth wise – it’s middlin’.
            I’ve put lead shot in the hems of my jeans, so in no danger of being blown away in a gust of wind!

            A lovely day to visit the beach, and walk barefoot along the sand at the place where the sea and beach meet and greet each other, while the breeze blows away the cobwebs of your mind. Ahhhh, just the thought brings a sense of peace filled calm.

            Shall I put on the kettle or will it take you longer than 5 minutes to get here? 😊
            ah … hang on, Cheshire …. ahhh… I won’t put the kettle on just yet! lol.
            ~ C.

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