As per usual, I’m stumped for a post idea… so, I’ve opted for an old favourite… Poortrait time! Pictured above is a rough, rushed and not quite complete poortrait of someone who is or should be well known to the public. Although, I could be wrong as my previous poortrait proved. Never the less, I’m going with it. Now then, two questions this time… who is (s )he; and for an extra half a point (I’m nothing if not generous) name the movie this poortrait has been created from.

Just for fun. No real prizes will be awarded, and I will not be offended by incorrect guesses… I’m hopeless at portraits. (And as per usual, no offence is intended to the vict subject)

I shall reveal the reveal in a few posts time!


    1. CM, I can confirm that this poortrait is in fact not Stockio Lanzoning. I can also confirm that it isn’t from the movie that you mentioned either.
      But thank you for having a go… I can’t award any points this time, however.
      The reveal will be revealed later.

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    1. 😀 Thanks, Jodi. As you know, my portraits never look like who they are meant to be, but that’s half the fun… getting them to look something like.
      And, most people don’t know who most portraits are of anyway… although, that said, I think you may know who this is meant to be. I’ll be revealing the reveal later…

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  1. Well Tom I don’t know if you already revealed the answer! I guess you did a very nice portrait of Brad Pitt in the movie “Interview with the Vampire” year 1994 Brad was playing “Louis” in the movie was also Tom Cruise playing “Lestat” they were two vampires. 😉

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