The darkness covers the realm, yet lightning flashes revealing beasts and gargoyles alike
Peeling the shadows away, relishing and cursing their delusion of existence
Dreams of revenge splintered by the fragments of a story
That brims with a fiction tinged by truth
Or truth by fiction
With so many blanks to be filled
This reality boons with numerous possibilities
The whole of which aware that by the grace of surety
The darkness is but a bruise,
And one that fails to spread its dislike
Due to the light and goodness that resides inside

I tried something a little different with this Wordle. I used all of the words, but I also used words that could have the opposite meaning to the word as well, not necessarily in the same order!

The words I included are:

beasts/gargoyles; relish/dislike; boons/curse; revenge/grace; brims/inside; splinter/whole; bruise/fail; blanks/aware; flash/darkness; story/truth; peeling/cover; delusion/reality


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