Debbieโ€™s one-word photo theme for this week is Light, and I found myself wondering how I could take an interesting looking photo to highlight light. I have an incense burner with stars and the Moon cut out, and I thought both starlight and moonlight together with candlelight would be ideal to highlight light. I set about taking photos, in the dark, to highlight light even more, but things seemed a little too dark for a light theme. I also have an LED lantern, so I placed it behind the burner, and it provided a rather nice glow around the burner. And there we have it. My response to Light.


  1. Resourceful TL ! Great picture. I can almost, not quite, smell the incense. Be well and stay warm. Massive Nor’Easter hitting us today. One of springs many jokes I guess. A foot to a foot and a half of snow due with very cold temps….Enough already!!!! VK ๐Ÿ™‚

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