Just managing to squeeze this entry in before it’s time for the next theme!

Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week is Glass. I’m not sure whether the recent Idon’tknowwhat can be blamed for this, but I was stumped as to what I could use to fit this theme. I could re-use the globe from ‘Imagine’ the other week, I thought, but it’s too soon. Then I thought of using the sunset through the frosted glass window photo from last year, but I wanted something new. Alas, my mind was blank. Was I going to blow it this week? Would my so far (I hope) unstained record of weeks with a response to the theme now be tarnished? Or would I smash it again with another entry?


I looked around for inspiration.

My eyes scanned left… right… left… and then shot back right and focussed on the magnifying glass I have behind my keyboard. It has a light, and a little stand. I know, I thought, I’ll take a photo of a white feather being magnified. So I did:

I liked the effect, but it wasn’t clear enough. I needed to magnify something else.

My eyes once again searched and picked out my crystals. I took a handful, and placed them beneath the magnifying glass, and this is one of the photos I took:

And another photo I’ve used for my featured image:

All in all, I think the pictures turned out OK. They are different… and I like different. And I’ve found a response to the theme!

18 thoughts on “Glass

  1. Great response Tom.
    The feather is intriguing, but I love the circular crystals shot.
    I was hoping glass would trigger a variety of ideas in the responses and it cer All black for d here.
    Thanks for joining in again and have a good weekend.

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    • Thanks, Debbie. I’ve reloaded the crystal shots as the quality on the first two posted weren’t very good – they didn’t look like they did when I previewed them earlier, instead they looked like they’d been photocopied hundreds of times. I think they look better this time. And yes, I like the circular one – it has a ‘crystal ball’ feel to it!
      And thank you… you have a good weekend also, Debbie.

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