Yes, I know this is Beryl and not Doris

Storm Doris blew into town today, and what a ruckus she made!

Bits and bobs were flying hither thither and every whither.

Birds, attempting to fly forwards were flying backwards at neck beak speeds.

It was nigh on impossible to open a door whilst she was in full force… fencing panels became one with the wind, roads were closed and traffic cones were blown out of alignment.

I went for a walk around the Lake during the eye. It was still breezy, but nowhere near as it had been earlier and as it would be once again a little later. The sky was blue, and only one tree had been partly blown down.

The ducks and geese on the Lake were completely oblivious. Debris was flying around them; the waters were so choppy I was almost tempted to have a go at surfing at one end, but the water birds just took things in their stride.

Even Tufty showed no interest in the extreme weather whatsoever… he seemed to enjoy the invigorating feel of the wind blowing through his tuft.

It's hard to take a decent photo in strong winds

I got back, expecting to look somewhat disheveled.

I, rather surprisingly, wasn’t surprised.

Things have settled down now. Beryl* – I mean Doris – has either ran out of steam or moved on. She’s left a bit of an icy chill behind her… but we’re almost in March… so Spring is on the way. Mind you, with March also come the winds…

*Doris in this post has been portrayed by Beryl, one of my characters from my other blog, Splodge and Splatter.


  1. Hi Tom! 🙂

    Yes it got pretty crazy here: Collapsed fencing, sheds damaged and waterlogged – it got so bad I thought I was going to lose a window, even James hanging around a little longer than planned until the storm peaked!!! 😮

    Lillian has a new fence panel fitted by her friends and family so she’s secure again, but the garden sheds are both damaged and waterlogged, so it’ll be a few days before they can be repaired!!! 😦

    Doris certainly made herself felt!!! 😮

    God Bless!


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  2. Yes…well! You do look a bit windblown! Fences blew down in neighboring gardens here, our garden table was upside down by the end of the day though it was at least still in the garden 😉 Luckily the chairs had decided to kind of stay with it…in the hedge 😉 🙂 My bicycle didn’t fare so well having crashed down in the wind and lying bedraggled on the concrete! As for Wolfie…your selfie looks wonderful by comparison…we only had 5 mins of rain….the precise moment Icewolf left for work…it took all of about 30 secs to turn into a drowned rat with soaking wet feet due to the unfortunate nature of the paw wear. But that was fine… had a spare pair of dry trousers at work didn’t I? 🙂 NO! As it turned out and definitely no socks! Broke the brolly too and then…it stopped 🙂 Just 5 minutes and it was all over…in more ways than one! Took 2 days to dry my paw wear out and I had to run for Primark for new socks! Apart from that… it was all pretty harmless!!! 🙂

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