It’s a funny old world, that’s for sure
For each opinionated soul there’s a thousand more
I believe in my religion, so what you do is wrong
I prefer this particular version of that classic song
I hate the word hate so don’t use the word hate
I hate the fact that the world has become such state
My opinion matters, and that is what counts
Although then the world only listens to those who shout
We make a mistake, and saying so is fine
Just as long as we pay and never forget our crime
You can’t sit here or there or there
It’s members only – we don’t like to share
Too many seal cubs? We’ll take care of that
And then we’ll find some protected land to frack
Tonnes of toxic waste dumped out to sea
And – oh! Chop it down, it’s only a tree
You can’t have that help – you’re not worthy enough
You have to earn it – work or it’s tough
I’m sorry but our doors are now closed
Well, you shouldn’t have come from where you’re from, I suppose
So, what do you need for that life-saving research?
Why not spend it on someone whose game is his work
Chant his name as you hurl abuse
Triggered by the hate-filled opinion you use
Remember the world is funny that way
It owes you everything, as you think it may
What you put in, you get back threefold
And this is a story that never gets old
It’s a funny old world, that’s for sure
Tune in daily – there’s more in store

I sat down to create an image, and all of these words suddenly started to flow forth. I’m not political, but this is so very political I can’t believe it. Hopefully, this will not be repeated. It seems like a pop at almost everything that is going on in the world at the moment, as reported in the nightly news. No facts, just words. Strong words. I now need to lie down in a relaxing darkened room. Begone, ugly darkness! Begone!


  1. Think we all need to escape the darkness at the moment . . . no-one seems happy no matter what their politics. So hope the light appears soon for all of us, and that we also all begin taking care of our ‘funny old world’

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  2. Truth is Tom and that’s what we don’t always get I’m afraid! 😦

    I agree with every word you wrote my friend, greed and hate seem to be on the ascendance at the moment… 😦

    God Bless!


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