It’s Cute Critter Friday!

OK, one day later…

Blogging schedules are off!

No real change there then, hey?

Here’s Hide and Seek Tufty…

Had to grab that pic quick… hence it’s a little blurred!

And here’s Tufty swimming…

Here’s to a great Sat’day!


    1. I noticed that when I first saw the photo, VK. I have two theories. One, is that it is a reflection of his ‘pony tail’ being blown around to the side of his head, it’s the same colour as his feathers so we can’t see it in the picture, but it was picked up in the reflection.
      My second theory is that it is just a reflection of his head, fragmented by the ripples caused as he is swimming along – his leg can just about be seen there. It’s quite a nifty effect, though!


  1. LOLOL …. I LOVE THIS. I wonder if they feel like the paparazzi are following them. Are they worried about too much fame. All those autographs and might take up a great deal of time. hahaha
    I don’t see ducks here in Florida. Lots of birds but no ducks.
    It’s a nice reminder of how beautifully colorful they are.
    Isadora 😎

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      1. When I lived on Long Island, New York (a suburb) there was a state park within walking distance. I would take my children. They loved feeding the swans and ducks bread. It was allowed. There were signs everywhere to do so. There was huge amounts of poop to prove it. haha One day, a very angry swan was literally galloping towards my youngest. She jumped in my arsm and never wanted to go back. haha Watch out for an angry swan if she’s in their neighborhood. LOL 😎

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