I’ve gotten the old paintbrushes out again, and splodged a few watercolours around a piece of paper. It’s Natural Beauty time over at Doodlewash with today’s theme being Sea Life, so I thought I’d venture down that old road again. As usual, I had an idea as to what I wanted in my head… dolphins leaping out of the waves, whales in the background and not a cloud to be seen in the sky… so I painted a coral scene. I couldn’t have made it any more difficult for myself, what with all of those green circles and a school of fish in the background and an hour to do it in… but I did it. In just under two hours. It’s nice and colourful, if a bit rough… but hey. I had fun during the time I did it!

I even managed to paint in an optical illusion while I was at it. Absolutely intended, of course!

The goldfish in the centre at the bottom… next to the crab… its head isn’t sticking out of the sand, oh no… it’s peeping from out of a little hidey hole there in the coral.

Next time, I’ll paint something a little easier… with more time… neaten it up a little, that kind of thing.

If you’d like to have a go and join the World Watercolour Group, visit Charlie’s site at the link above.



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