I’ve been feeling a little creative of late, and decided to have another go at painting a portrait. OH NO! I hear you shriek… that’s fine, I shrieked it myself.

Instead of wasting using watercolour, I decided to go down the digital route with this one, and wasted a few thousand pixels and several thousand seconds instead. I shall give a few clues, but will not reveal who it is until a future post. The last time I did this I had so much fun with the almost correct guesses I had to do it again! On with the clues…

She is a she.

She has links to Robin of Loxley.

Erm… she was on TV; she may still be.

She is a she. I know, I’m very helpful.

Her hair isn’t quite right, and neither’s her face… I have a tendency to go down the caricature route with my portraits, and although this isn’t meant to be a caricature some of the features are exaggerated slightly. Hey ho! so be it. It’s still ‘art’. Well, a creation anyway. And colourful. I like a Splodge and Splatter of colour every now and then.

Now then… just who is she??? Hmmm…


  1. oh no – here we go again – lol – she looks sooooooooo familiar – but I can’t put a name to her. If she is who I think she is, she looks exactly like “she!” hahaha!

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    1. Hehehe! I remembered how you were the last time I did this, Jodi! Would you like to mention where you know who you think this person is from? I can tell you if you’re close… 😉


      1. so a bit of googling makes me think it could be Lucy Griffiths due to Robin of Loxley. Am I right? originally thought tiffani theissen – maybe – I’m probably way off – and I hate to make you feel bad if I guess way wrong – LOL!

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        1. Ah no! I love the wrong guesses, Jodi… my portrait skills aren’t exactly the top quality type! Haha! 😀
          She’s neither of your guesses, though. She’s from years ago in the original photo, back in the eighties in fact. And Robin of Loxley is a link, but cryptically by association…

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          1. Yes. That is who I see – someone from the 80s but i can’t remember her name. I think you really nailed it. I just can’t think of her name. Lol. Are we close in age? I graduated high school in 1980. 😉

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  2. Hmmm, so she’s a she, but is she still alive? Just because she’s on TV does not mean she’s still kicking around on this planet. And just who is Robin of Loxley? Sounds like Maid Marion of Robin Hood fame to me…..

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    1. She is, he is and she isn’t, Raili!
      I’m not sure if she’s acting now… Robin of Loxley is Robin Hood… and she didn’t play Maid Marion… although she may have done… 😉


    1. Thanks, Raili. I spent ages on the eyes up to the point where I’d convinced myself she looks nothing like who she’s meant to be. She does, however. To me, anyway! 😀


    1. I dragged the image into that Google Image search thingy, Elaine, and it brought back the best result saying it looked like a head. At least I’m half way there! I’ll be dropping further clues in as we go along! 🙂


            1. Sorry about that, Sherri… you’d been unceremoniously flung into spam for some reason. I’d just nipped onto the dashboard and found you there – certainly not the best way to treat a guest such as yourself!
              And, yes, I think you know that the subject for this painting has been revealed… told you it wouldn’t be long!

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              1. Thanks Tom..it’s so frustrating. I was Not your fault, it’s something to do with my comments. Grrrrr!!!! Thanks for setting me free from spam prison…it’s not nice in there! And yes, you were right!

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  3. Am I at a disadvantage being on the other side of the world? I’m wondering if we would know her on TV here in Aus?? I’m glad you confirmed she’s a she by the way 🙂 very helpful!! You are very clever and have done a great job with the portrait Tom.

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    1. Thanks, Deb… yes, I’m very helpful at times! 😉
      Although, I think you may be at somewhat of a disadvantage. The US TV programme this person starred in was quite big throughout the eighties, and I thought it was the same everywhere… but a quick look at this type of show broadcast on TV in Australia tells me that it wasn’t broadcast there. Hopefully it was and my source is wrong… we’ll see at the reveal!

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