Here it is! Beyond the Sphere’s official 2016 Christmas Card! Just a basic scene of the Mansion’s door, all decorated in a nice and simple festive fashion. There’s no messing around here… even most of the bulbs don’t work!

If this was a card card, and not a computer card, I would write inside it:

Wishing you and your families, friends, animals, nearest and dearest and anybody else you’d like included a wonderful Feel Good time over the Christmas and New Year period, and here’s to the best of everything for 2017.

As it isn’t a card card, and it is a computer card, I shall type it instead! One thing I couldn’t include in a card card, but I can in a computer card, is a link. Remember the Great Thought post I wrote recently? Well go on… click the link, visit the post, press the button, and generate another great thought or two. Let’s make things great around here!



  1. Excellent!!! Great card TL… I just gotta ask though, is Santa flyng in the air or standing over the door of the mansion? A flying Santa minus the sled and reindeer, now that is original. No Christmas party this year I take it? Maybe New Years. Hoping you have a meaningful Christmas Tom and make sure to have some treaties on hand should you see your four legged
    buddies…They will be very grateful….Happy Holidays…VK ❤

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    1. Thanks, VK.
      That Santa is actually an inflatable attached to the top of the porch and its just floating there… a flying Santa would be cool though!
      No party this year, but I’m thinking of throwing one early in the New Year… I’ll give plenty of notice for this one, however! 😀
      And oh yes… treaties indeed!

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