He looked out over the world, into the hearts and souls of every living creature upon it. Some don’t celebrate Christmas. It doesn’t matter, he responded.

He looked into the eyes of each living being, some saddened, or bleary, some expectant and full of hope, or deliriously happy. Some, filled with greed and rage and jealousy. They don’t deserve anything. I disagree, he said in return.

He looked into the mind of the hungry owl and the petrified dormouse. Survival of the fittest. He said nothing in return, and just thought.

Survival of the fittest. It’s like that in every walk of life, in every species. Always has been. Can’t change it. It’s the natural way.

He looked out over the world, into the hearts and souls of every living creature upon it. There’s one thing that may help, he said. Looking into every soul longing for the chance to exist in a world full of joy, instead of trying to be one of the fittest who survive whatever comes along. It’s just an idea.

What is it?

That’s it. Just an idea. A single thought that will allow the individual to find greatness in whatever they do, or be, or have. One single thought that triggers the inspiration of greatness; of change; of peace; of freedom; of harmony; or one that triggers the inspiration for togetherness; companionship; agreement.

That should work for all. Not in a competitive way, but for the good of all. Not fuelled by greed, but fuelled by love and hope.

Will it work? It may do. That’s down to the individual and how they interpret the idea. The thoughts are out there, waiting to be tapped into. Waiting to reach the souls that are searching for them.

I’m adding power to this thought. Sending the vibes out there. With the right ideas, and the right mind-set, we can make this place absolutely fantastic.

I’ve added a button below, should you wish to press it, which will add your power to the process too!


  1. Well done TL !!! Quite clever you are, you are! The message is one we all need to heed and practice. May we all have great thoughts and quietly lift up the frequency of our love to the highest levels and peace in the world soon follows. Keep thinking it 🙂 We are on our way… VK

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  2. Well said and put into a wonderful flowing poem.
    A single thought can change things and not always for good.
    Thought provoking … Yes, I clicked on the button. YUP – that’s me curious as a cat. But, it was good news when I got there. Thanks for letting me play with your button.
    Isadora 😎

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    1. My pleasure, Isadora. My aim is to try and help people to Feel Good; sometimes it works, sometimes it needs work…
      I agree about the thoughts not always being for the good – we do see that often, don’t we? However, this button is for Good things only… whatever they are.


  3. That’s brilliant, I loved the send out great thought button. Glad it is just sitting there for the pressing, for a brief moment there I thought about offering you marketing services and then I had a thought that that was one neither of us is that fond of, so I take back the thought right now and just go with yours. What happens if I go back and press it again? Hope that’s OK with you. or are you counting?

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    1. Pleased you liked it, Elspeth! And by all means, press again and as many times as you like… I’m not counting, but with each press I’m imagining another great idea being generated to be picked up somewhere. If it works, great… if not, well, let’s just say it will work! 😀 Thanks for the marketing offer, but a big red button kind of markets itself, I feel… 😉 😀

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