The October Adventure over on Doodlewash is “The Simple Things in Life”.

Charlie has provided a list of prompts for October, and I’ve covered quite a few of them in this very rushed watercolour. I’m rushing everything these days, it seems! Yes, I’ve used Pumpkins, Full Moons (or Sunsets depending on your point of view) and Autumn Leaves (which would be in the painting had I painted them. I told you I was rushed). As the watercolour was rushed – and rushing watercolours isn’t much fun, in the long run – it’s a very simple painting indeed. My Inner Child had a whale of a time. I wanted it to be swirly, so the lines that you see are deliberate, it isn’t that I was so rushed I didn’t want to blend the paint smoothly across the page.

Once trimmed down, it doesn’t seem half as rough, but the blurred photography may help with that. Still, it looks a little more finished than the first image.

Next, though, is to add a special effect to make it all the more creepy:

There. A Creepy Pumpkin just for Halloween!


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