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Disconnected, me?
I hardly think so, not I
I’m far too selfish

I heard an odd comment earlier today. I walked passed a couple who were chatting. I’d never seen them before, she had striking blue hair, which made her stand out, and it was she who was speaking as we passed each other.

“… I like sitting at tables with strangers,” I heard her say, “but we can’t really do that often as we’re antisocial English…” and with that, the couple vanished into the aether.

Her strange comment has gone round and round in my mind ever since. Sometimes, we are sent cryptic messages to decipher, and put us ‘back’ on the ‘right track’ although I can’t for the life of me work out what this comment meant.

Obviously, it wasn’t intended for me from the girl with the blue hair herself, and she probably filled in the missing part to her walking companion, but it was so strange it resonated with me.

Perhaps, I’ll receive more cryptic messages in the near future, which will clarify things. I shall write an update if I do.

I’m handing over to the Dark Side now, as October is upon us. The month of Hallowe’en Madness begins tomorrow; the blog is decorated now, ready for the occasion. My ‘sane’ self will be back in November – but for now, I’m unleashing my mad side. That’s Doctor Madside to you and me…


  1. Seems Ms. Blue Hair is at odds with her heritage. She self-identifies as a reserved Englishwoman, and is somehow unaware that people now get to choose their own identities. That’s my guess… I’m sure the blue hair is also significant to the context, as in a silent (officially reserved) “Look at ME!” 🙂

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  2. Oh my….That time of year again, time to retreat to the bowels of the mansion and spend some time exploring TL…This time frame adds to the creepiness 🙂 As for blue hair, she obviously bought into the narrative put for by our handlers…You know, that old separate the people, divide and conquer mindset. Time for her to create a new story to live by, especially now as we awaken and move into a new paradigm….VK

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    1. Bluedy Locks! I like that, Col. I think she was using her hair to divert attention away from her face. I did notice her as she was speaking, but haven’t a clue as to what she looks like…


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