Gone are the rains, the wind, and the thunder
Clear are the skies, and the air that lies under
Dry is the breeze, that blows very slow
And rosy are my cheeks as I positively glow
Not sunburnt, just hot
And that’s all I’ve got
All out of steam
If you know what I mean
Forcibly writing
Needing to cool
Is my number one rule
So now that that’s said
What’s said must be done
And this post is completed
No sooner than it begun.


Hot tonight.

Off to chill now…


  1. Yes Tom it certainly feels warm doesn’t it? 🙂

    Hope things cool down soon, the cost of electricity has gone from £5 per KWH to £200 apparently because the wind turbines have no wind and our electricity is being supplied by gas power!!!

    So much for staying green with renewables… :/

    God Bless!


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