There was a hot day in September

There was a hot day in September
Far warmer than I can remember
But the wind blew a gale
And brought with it some hail
Making everywhere look like December!

Guffaw! Guffaw!

The day started covered in haze
As I awoke bleary eyed and dazed
Although it was warm
I still needed to yawn
Then woke like a madman all crazed!

Oh no! Oh no!!

The alarm as planned had gone off
And I rolled over and scoffed
It’s Thursday! I thought
Saw the time all distraught
And raced as I had to get up

Oh me! Oh my!

Late was I, but by a few mins
Sometimes you can’t help these things
Especially after nights
When temperatures rise
And sleep is incredibly thin

Oh yawn! Oh zzzzz!

It was even warm in the shade today, however our weather forecasters are saying this is changing. Thunder and lightning is on its way. And temperatures back to normal.

Do we have a normal now? Hmmm…

6 responses to “There was a hot day in September”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker avatar

    Great poetry Tom.. Normal it seems is often extreme these days.. Too warm for me too Tom.. and about did us both in yesterday… It has been a little better today.. Thank goodness who ever invented electric fans.. 🙂 And yes hope that thunder clears the air.. 🙂

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    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      We’re getting back to normal now, Sue. Well, the normal we think it should be, that is!


  2. Soul Gifts avatar
    Soul Gifts

    And here we seem to have slipped back into winter !

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    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Everywhere’s upside down, Raili! We can’t make plans now without looking at the weather first…! 😉

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  3. prenin avatar

    Hi Tom!

    Yes, sleep is difficult when it is warm, but I have my trusty fan and two large towels to sleep under, so I manage! 🙂

    Hopefully things will now cool down and return to ‘normal’ temperatures!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Prenin, things are cooler. Of a fashion. We’re quite a way from normal, however… 😉

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