If time is an illusion, then I should be able to manipulate the illusion to work better with me. I should be able to say “Look, time, I need more of you at present as I have A, B, C, D and E to get done before even starting on F.”

Time looks back and laughs.

Time tells me that time is nothing to do with time, but with me. I have to make the time. I have to clear the space. Time is mine to do with as I please. It is up to me to prioritise my time. Or prioritise how to use the time.

I look back at time and laugh.

I tell time I don’t have the time to sort out my time.

Time actually sighs. Time says that’s the issue with time.

Time isn’t the problem. It’s how I use it that is.

Time isn’t the illusion. It’s the barriers I place on myself. Used wisely, I can have all the time in the world.

I need to take some time out to work through this. I don’t think time’s on my side here…

Image from Pixabay


  1. Oh Dear….Sounds like overload to me….Slow down TL and make a plan to follow. If you stick to it you don’t get yanked off course and thrown onto detours…Hope you can feel freer soon 🙂 VK

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  2. Using time wisely is also an illusion as wisdom is just a self-explanatory idea…a hope, which remains within us and only we can accomplish it but hope is another illusion, created by our own thoughts and desires. When we call something an illusion, we pass on the responsibility to deal with it to someone!

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