Wordle: First Flight by Moonlight


Checklist printed
I can now begin.
Boots removed: tick.
Hair trimmed: yep, so I can see (I cringe when I think how it was)
Window opened wide: yes, of course. Had to chip away at the hinge to make that happen!
Tonight’s the night!

I breathe deeply
Long and deep…

The night’s calm
Full Moon, little mist
I stand on the ledge, lean forward
And lift.

Out for a spin, as they say.
A short flight tonight and see what stems from there
This is how to live!
Free and with the elements

23 comments on “Wordle: First Flight by Moonlight”

  1. So few people realize how simple it is to fly away at night (preferably in our dreams). Clearly you are a past master at it shedding the boots and long hair first. I might try it tonight!

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