Once again I find myself late

Time. It’s of the essence. It flies. It only drags when I’m somewhere I’d rather not be… anywhere else, and everything seems to be a blur.

I find myself watching events unfurl around me, with me in the centre, and I wonder how I’m in the midst of this event, when a mere second ago I was in a different part of town completely. I blink, and it’s two hours later.

Two hours ago, I settled down to rest. I blinked. Now it’s now.


  1. I Hear you. It’s totally fluid, eh? Sometimes a few minutes in one situations go on for hours & others (no matter how we want them to last) flash on by in less than a mere heartbeat. Best we can do is to keep from drowning or from being tossed up on the beach forever by a tide we can’t control.

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