I wait for time to stand still as I travel its plethora of pathways
But it stays and waits for no man
Yet it can be stretched and charged
For all to sail its eternal ebb and flow
To bite the bullet, run headlong
And slip in the synchronistic slime
Or feel the burn as it takes its toll
Chipping away day by day
Trust that it will always be there
Neither crooked nor straight,
Never early or late
And ever for ever ongoing


    1. I was trying to emphasise synchronicity, Jo. As it’s usually something we tend to slip into, rather than consciously create, and we slip in slime, I put the two together! (Plus slime was one of the words I had to use! 😀 )
      Thanks, Jo.

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    1. Thanks, Col. I debated the last line for about twenty minutes! I was trying to emphasise the ‘ever’ so went with the two-word option, although it works the same with one word. I’ve just done some quick research, and they both mean the same anyway… although ‘for ever’ is the British English variant – a fact I wasn’t aware of until now!


      1. ‘Forever’ is used for all meanings in USA, although even there they may use the two words if they want to emphasize ‘eternally’. The distinction is a very fine one, and is mainly governed by usage. Combined, the words have more of a ‘continually’ meaning. The different versions just seem right in certain circumstances, e.g. ‘for ever and ever, amen’ as against ‘I will be forever in your debt/ it took forever to complete’.
        My feeling was that in your poem the ‘ever’ did the ‘eternal’ job, and that it would provide a nice touch to emphasize the ‘continual’ one as also applicable by making it ‘forever’.

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