A quick message from the Mystical Book of What Now?

The secret to Feeling Good isn’t anything very special at all. In fact, it’s one of the easiest concepts in existence yet it is very easy to dismiss it.

It isn’t about what we own, what we control, what we do, who we know, how much we have, how loudly we shout, how old we are, and any other combination or variation of these examples. It is a feeling that stems from within. It really is just how we feel. It’s where our mind and heart is at any given moment.

It’s a choice. We can choose to Feel Good or not.

It’s our choice and nobody else’s.

So, if you’re feeling somewhat down one day, stop and think for a second. You are choosing to feel that way… so why not choose the better option? Or not… it’s your choice, after all!


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